Berry Breakfast Smoothie


I've been interested in adding a little bit of protein powder to my smoothies and I found a product that I'm excited to share with you!  It's by Tera's Whey, grown organically and has received better reviews than any other protein powder I've researched! You can order it here and then mix a spoonful into this delicious breakfast smoothie! Here's the bag of berries I recently purchased … View →

What’s in my Bag

It's VLOG time!  I'm so new at 'vlogging' (aka. video blog) but it's definitely fun and allows me … View →

Smoothie Making


My Favorite Smoothie Recipes 2 C Kale, 2 Carrots, and 1 Apple 1C Kale, 1 Stalk Celery, 1 … View →

Sleep Less Dream More T


We launched our mug collection yesterday and I don't know about you, my coffee-loving friends... but … View →

Lunch-Time Green Smoothie

green smoothie

If you've been following along on FB or IG, you know that I've gotten into making smoothies for … View →

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