Some Days…

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These past 5 days. The days we sent our big First Grader (Rocco) off to school. The days the littles lost their leader. The days that gave me understanding of how some days are just not meant for lists. The days weren't meant for projects. The days weren't meant for blogging. The days weren't meant for planning ahead. Or making new lists. Or checking things … View →

We Encourage Beauty

One of the first blogs I followed was 'IHOD', In Honor of Design.  It's written by a faith filled, … View →

Walnut Basil Pesto


When we visited Pap's garden this past weekend, one of the many things we picked was fresh basil! We … View →



It may have been the little red flowers planted outside of his front door that got me. Or the … View →

Southwest Chicken Soup


This Summer, I was part of a Women's Bible Study called, 'The Living Room Series: RUTH'.  The book … View →