Big News

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I spent the last hour looking through old photos.  Photos from our old house to Mario being born... Photos of the apartment we moved into before we found our house... all the way to our house closing and huge home renovation.  I took myself on an emotional roller coaster ride of all the little ups and downs and twists and turns.  As I came to the last photo, I smiled big because we're about to … View →

10 Easy & Delicious Lunch Recipes

10 lunch recipes

Let's talk LUNCH!  Today I'm sharing 10 Easy & Delicious lunch recipes with you!  If you … View →

How to Have a Successful Pop Up Shop

pop up

This weekend, I had my first experience with running a pop up shop!  I'm treading lightly when … View →

Here we are Wednesday

photo 2

I'm sitting here in my Superwoman pajama pants (that I've had since I was 20), realizing that I've … View →

How to make Beachy waves with your flat iron

photo 5

There's something about wavy hair that I just love.  It looks so natural and relaxed and it's a … View →

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