Piggy Toes in Paint Cans!

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Our Piggy Toes traveled to a friend’s house where we stumbled across a decorated paint can.  It then inspired me to think of a fun way to hold all of the boys’ arts/crafts & school supplies:


4-6 Clear Paint cans from Michaels – They sell clear paint cans with lids for a few $$ each – I chose to make SIX!

Craft Paper with a fun print of your choice

Craft Glue



I made my own stencil on a large piece of the boys easel paper.

After that, I traced the stencil onto the white side (back) of the craft paper.

I cut out the pattern from the decorative paper and glued it onto the paint cans.

EACH container holds a different supply!  (Pencils, Glue sticks, Colored Pencils, Markers, stamps, stickers- YOU NAME IT!)

And in case you were wondering where they are on display; we have ours on our Arts & Crafts table…

NOT on our Piggy Toes!

(Rocco, age 2)


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