Angelique’s Mexican Lasagna

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Today I’m sharing with you my very own recipe!  I feel like I’m always posting recipes that I love and have tweaked to make it my own so it excites me that this time, its all me!

* Need 8″ round baking dish
3- 8″ tortillas
1 lb. light ground turkey (you can also use ground beef)
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 yellow bell pepper, diced
1 can Light Red Kidney Beans, drained & rinsed (you can also use black beans)
1 medium yellow onion, diced
1 taco season packet
1 jar of your favorite salsa (divided)
Fresh Chilis (or 1 can chopped chilis)
2 cups Shredded Cheddar & Monterey Jack Cheese (divided)
Handful Scallions, chopped
  1. Preheat Oven 350
  2. In large pan, heat 1 Tbsp. EVOO and saute ground turkey until browned
  3. Add chopped onion & chopped peppers- Saute
  4. Add Mexican season packet and 2/3 c water
  5. Add Kidney Beans and cook 2 min. longer
  6. Take off burner
  7. SPRAY PAM in 8″ baking dish
  8. Put 1 tortilla on bottom
  9. Top with mixture in pan
  10. Spoon salsa, chilis & shredded cheese over the mixture
  11. Repeat (tortilla, mixture, salsa, chilis, cheese) until you reach the top of baking pan
  12. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top
  13. Spray pam on a piece of foil and cover
  14. Bake 350 for 30 minutes
Serve over White, Brown or Spanish rice with a dollop of sour cream.
Try adding chopped scallions and/or fresh cilantro on top.
Don’t forget a veggie.  I almost always cook a side of Steamed Broccoli with this dish!
THIS IS A FAST & FABULOUS DINNER – A staple in our home!
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  1. Angela says:

    Now this is talent! Sounds so delicious! :)


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