NO, its not Perfect here at 1046.

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You know, we all have our struggles as a mama.  Some mamas deal with one thing while another mama may never deal with that.  She faces a different challenge… on a daily basis.  Let me tell you – Just because another mom isn’t going through what you are or hasn’t ever gone through what you are facing, doesn’t mean her life as a mom is ‘Perfect.  For some reason (well, I know the reason) I feel a need to tell you that: My life at 1046 isn’t perfect.

My children aren’t perfect & I yell at least 2 (ok, add a few zeros) times a day.

My boys fight and whine and are mean to each other and throw tantrums just like yours.

They are destructive as destructive can be – they are BOYS (& I love it)!

They LOVE to destroy things and watch toys fall apart. 

They love to stack things tall just so they can destruct it.

They will throw anything just to see the mess they made.

They “accidentally” drop 47 goldfish on the floor so they can “accidentally” step on them.

They climb on anything their PiggyToes can touch & jump off of it like they are super heros.

My boys don’t sit at the table & eat.  They run around like a pair of wild monkeys and when they pass by my chair, I hold out my fork so they can chomp on it then continue running.

Roman thinks he’s potty trained and insists on stripping down naked when Rocco needs to go to the bathroom.  I promise you- Rocco will teach Roman how to pee on the potty in no time, but in the mean time- I’m always wiping pee from our bathroom floor.

* I mean, its just NOT perfect.  Need MORE? *

Today, they pulled the entire strand of dental floss out of the plastic thing that holds it.  They ran around the house with a 10 foot piece of dental floss until it got wrapped around a door knob (don’t ask me how) and they both fell bonking their heads on the hardwood floor.

While I was in the shower, they squirted toothpaste and soap all over their bathroom counter-top and finger painted a fun design.

While getting dressed, they thought Roman’s crib would be a better holding place for 300 books rather than their book cases.  

I handed each of the monkeys a banana (for a morning snack)… I picked up the phone to call my mom and during the 3 minutes we chatted, I came back to this:

SO feel better – 1046 is far from perfect.  Just because I don’t choose to share all the ‘BAD’ doesn’t mean we’re “PERFECT”.  I’d just rather focus on the good than always write, think and view the BAD.

And this is just a FEW hours of my life with a 2 AND 3 year old.

How’s your day going? I’m thankful its nap time.


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  1. Darling, I so get it! I will admit that I admire your seemingly perfect household on this blog and in real life when I have visited your home (the cobbler sitting on the counter was divine). I now admire you even more (if that is possible) for spilling the beans (or was that 47 goldfish) about your very real life. As a working mom myself the SAHM world seems so different to me and yet I know that all super moms have some stains on their capes! Love you and I am proud to have been your former professor, your friend, and colleague in the blogging world of real life.

    • Angelique says:

      You’re so sweet and so encouraging to me! Thank You for your comment and awesome work so far on your blog!!! I’m so proud of you for venturing into this world – its FUN, isn’t it? 😉 xo

  2. Anna R. Lilley says:

    Hahahahahahaha! I loved this posting! The first week we moved, the kids decided to empty the ENTIRE ice machine onto the floor, while I was in the shower. So not only were my kids wet and cold when I got out, my BRAND NEW hardwood floors were covered with ice and water!!!!! It’s always funny after the fact but during the actual event….

  3. Sarah says:

    I had to laugh.
    “They LOVE to destroy things and watch toys fall apart.
    They love to stack things tall just so they can destruct it.
    They will throw anything just to see the mess they made.”

    Sounds like my son. He likes to make a mess, and then says “Messy! What a mess!” Then I say “Well are you going to clean it up?” haha He does actually clean it from time to time after I say it, but not always. 😉
    It is true, one can seem like life is PERFECT from the pictures and posts. This post is always a good reminder, just because one likes to think and post about the great times,doesn’t mean life is all peaches and cream! 😉

    • Angelique says:

      I love what you said, “Just because one likes to think and post about the great times, doesn’t mean life is all peaches and cream!” – LOVE IT… SO true! 😉

  4. Amanda O'Neil says:

    So funny! Just so you know…my girls are very destructive as well. The joys of ages 2 and 3! Love it 99.9% of the time. The others, I try not to pull my hair out! :)

  5. This is real life with kids. When my youngest son was a newborn, I declared nap time one afternoon. I put my oldest son 5 and my daughter 3 down in their bedrooms and laid down on my bed. After awhile I began to smell baby powder. I got up and tippy toed down the hall way to the kids’ bathroom, where a cloud of baby powder was floating in the air. My beautiful little girl was sitting on the bathroom floor with a huge bottle of baby powder, just dumping piles of it on the floor. Do you actually know how hard it is to clean baby powder up??? It just gets into everything.

    When people say their kids are little angels…….I just want to go SURE THEY ARE!!!

    Your kids sound perfectly normal to me!!!

    • Angelique says:

      OH MY… And I must say, UNFORTUNATELY, I too know how hard it is to clean up baby powder. Yes. Yes. :( I do. :( Its hard and I can’t even imagine the mess in your bathroom! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one with ‘normal kids’ hehe Thanks for reading & sharing your normalcy with me too! 😉

  6. Joanna says:

    I so get it. I’ve heard that line before too…makes me laugh everytime.
    Life is note perfect or easy or controlled–FOR ANYONE!
    Keep choosing to focus on the positives, while being “real.” No one wants to read whiny, complain-y posts–how depressing to be around people who only complain! 😉 We ALL struggle. It’s about how we handle the trials…love your attitude

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