DIY Mani/Pedis for Busy Mamas

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Life would be grand if we could sneak away for regular mani/pedi appointments, wouldn’t it?  Finding the time (and $$$) would be wonderful but as a busy mama of 2, soon to be 3, its just not do-able! Here’s my quick DIY Mani/Pedi Lesson!  (Not that you don’t know the steps, but for some reason, when I read them, it looks easier and then it inspires me to get it done!)  If I can find the time to accomplish a quick ‘beauty session’, so can you!

The latest polish I found & love is Snow Angel… Found on Steph’s blog – She doesn’t sell it but you can purchase it here! Its beautiful.

So pretty for the holidays!

DIY Mani/Pedi for a Busy Mama

1. Get all of your supplies together before you start- Cotton Balls (to remove old polish), Nail Clipper, Nail File, Cuticle Solution, Scrubber, Cream, Polish (including base & top coat polish)

2. Pick your nail length and trim and cut your nails.

3. Tend to your cuticles. Keep them nice and clean looking and apply cuticle oil!

4. A mani/pedi is always best with a base coat.  This will help polish stick to your nail and also prevents discoloration of your nails.

5. Apply polish.  Do NOT apply coats back to back on one hand before moving onto the next.  Apply one coat to both hands then repeat.

6. Check your work and fix any mistakes.

7. Apply fast dry top coat!  This will help your mani/pedi to last longer – Don’t skip this step!

Here are 2 other looks I’m excited to try on my nails this season!



via The Beauty Department (.com)

Happy Painting!


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  1. Sarah says:

    I used to get Shellac every couple weeks –
    It was SO nice! Never a chip and my nails felt strong and cute. Gone are those days for now. It’s not worth the money right now. That snow angel looks pretty. You know I tend to just get on with my day and yet I wish I could have a cute style of clothing (and not spend bundles) and cute nails. Someday. Love the post though. I like step by step, makes it simple. Might have to lock myself in the bathroom while hubby watches kids with a print out of this and do it! lol :)

  2. Kelly Presutti says:

    I have on shellac right now! You can see it tonight! LOVE IT!! However when I do my own nails I swear by STICKY from Sephora! It’s a sticky base coat and keeps your polish on FOREVER!! It’s a MUST have!!!!!

  3. Lynn Badamo says:

    I’ll do your nails for you! Let’s make a date! xoxoxo

  4. I <3 the snow angel pain! So pretty and pink!! :-)

  5. JennC says:

    Where can I buy the snow angel nail polish!?

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Jenn! When I wrote this post, the link that says ‘Buy’ used to take you there but I just realized that it doesn’t anymore! I’m sorry! I ran a Google search for ‘Snow Angel Nail Polish’ but can’t find where to purchase it… I’d run a search and see what you can find and I’ll keep you posted if I come up with something too!


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