Valentine’s Day

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I love this little Hallmark Holiday!  Showing love to the 3 people in my life that I love the most is lots of fun and feels good too!  I look forward to Valentine’s Day and hope this post inspires you to create a special little day for the ones your love!

This craft was the perfect after nap activity and because of the supplies needed, the boys got a little snack too!  Grab a box of Cheerios, Floral Wire & any extra red or pink ribbon you have laying around and you’re sure to have a fun time making this…


Cut wire in 6-10 in. pieces, depending on how big you want your hearts.  String the wire with Cheerios then shape it into a Heart.  Leave a little wire at the ends and twist the wire around itself at the bottom of the ‘V’.  Begin another.  Before shaping the 2nd heart, put the strand through the 1st heart, THEN shape and twist wire.  Continue… We made 4 hearts, 1 for each member of our family!  We plan to keep our ‘bird feeder’ inside until Valentine’s Day.  On the 14th, we’ll find a place to hang it outside for the birds and animals to eat all day long!  (Guarantee our raccoon will get to it that night!)


On Valentine’s Day, I’m all about making the boys food in the shape of a Heart!  Call me crazy, but I LOVE IT and THEY love it even more!

For breakfast last year, I made Heart Shaped Pancakes with Heart Shaped Strawberries:

This year, I plan to make these Heart Shaped Kabobs!  Its something I can make the night before and serve with yogurt for Valentine’s Day Breakfast or as a mid-morning snack!

Buy yourself a heart shaped cookie cutter and use it for sandwiches at LUNCH!  Last year, I made the kids grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches with heart shaped bananas and pink strawberry applesauce too! (Yes, I now know red-dye 40 is B.A.D. – I did it last year without knowing a thing about it and will not do it again… No comments please!)

OH! BTW – I found my heart shaped plates at TARGET and the heart runner at TJ Maxx!

Instead of Red Kool-Aid (HA! It still makes me laugh) This year I want to make SMOOTHIES!!!

Momtastic shared a great recipe that I plan to try out: 1 c non-fat yogurt, 1/2 cup chopped banana, 1/2 c blueberries, 1 cup strawberries, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 1 tbsp flaxseed, 1 tbsp honey = YUM!


Throughout the day, our little Love Bugs ‘fly’ around the house leaving notes, a piece of candy, snacks, coloring sheets and a red & pink crayon…the sky is the limit as to what you can put in the love bugs!  They made their way to the bathroom, sat at our kitchen table, in a toy basket, etc… Love Bugs are sold everywhere now – I purchased ours at Hallmark last year and then picked up an extra one at Walgreens on sale after the 14th!

I thought it would be fun to make HEART SHAPED CRAYONS and print Valentine’s Day coloring pages to color on with our home-made crayons: Check it out (idea found on Pinterest)!

Crayola has Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages such as this one along with Printable Bingo Boards if you want to play a game too!


These snack trays are sure to be a HIT with your kiddos!  EASY and AWESOME!  Buy boxes of chocolates, put the chocolates in a pretty dish and use the containers to fill with cheerios, grapes, cheese, cookies, veggies, etc…for an afternoon snack!  I LOVE this idea and will definitely be buying 2 boxes of chocolates  this weekend!

Of course, we still need dinner and dessert and WOW – I don’t know what to share with you first!  A big hype the past couple of years is heart shaped PIZZA!  I say, instead of going out and loading the kids in the car, dress up and STAY IN!  Make your own pizzas like this one and decorate your table for a special night!  Supposedly all you have to do is push the top inwards and pull down on the bottom of the pizza dough… When you bake it, it comes out in a heart shape!

Make Your Own Pizza Night sounds awesome to me!

OH, there are SO MANY yummy desserts I could share with you – Are you following me on Pinterest?  Check out my Valentine’s Day Board for some sweet treat ideas!  Of course, decorating heart shaped cookies, or X’s and O’s is always a fun evening treat but this recipe below might be the winner at 1046!  I think I will attempt it: Wish me luck!

Red Velvet Cake Napoleons via Amy at her awesome blog!


I’ve also been tossing around the idea of pulling out my fondue pot and making chocolate fondue!  I can make a big spread of delicious goodies to dip in the chocolate:  Marshmallows, brownies, fruit, pound cake… That could be REALLY fun!

That’s all for now, my loves!  Share with me some fun things you do on Valentine’s Day too! and don’t forget, ALL YOU NEED IS…


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  1. Shanna says:

    You’re adorable!! No need to apologize for a little Kool-aid and red applesauce :) You’re so festive and so thoughtful. I love all of your sweet ideas! Can’t wait to see pictures of this year’s healthy valentines meals for your little ones. You’re so inspiring lady!! xo

  2. kelly says:

    Quaker makes a cereal called whole hearts. it is a heart shaped oat cereal. thought it would be perfect for the bird feeders. so, I got a box and we will be making some more tomorrow.

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