Memorial Weekend

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Our thoughts are all over the place right now, our heads are spinning, our minds are wondering… There’s a house for sale that we’re day-dreaming about.  Its the last property on a private road and sits on almost 5 acres of land looking over a lake. There’s a part of me that almost feels bad for looking because its as if I’m ungrateful for what we have but I’m not in the least.  Brian and I spoke about it all night on Friday.  What would life be like on 5 acres and a lake?  Is this our future?  Are we ready to leave a new home and move back into an old home that’s full of projects?  I think Brian and I just have a vision and an eye when we walk into older homes.

We woke on Saturday morning and made an appointment to see it at 4:30pm and with the help of Nana & Papa, we turned the evening into a little date. We had spent the day outside in the hot sun so it felt good to get ‘prettied up’ for the night!  I threw on a new color block dress and the humidity prevented me from straightening my hair.  Just before leaving, Rocco changed into his swim suit and attempted to put sunscreen all over him before I caught him and buckled him into the car. On the way to drop the boys off, I put on a new shade of softlips and though I’m not a gloss girl, I like this product! (Target)

By 4:45pm, our car made a left turn onto the Private Lane and all we could see was green grass, aged trees, the lake on the right side peeking through the trees and as we continued down the road, there was the house.  It was a beautiful piece of property.


I was picturing life on the lake.  I pictured the boys running around and getting lost in the trees.  I pictured them building a big tree-house in one of the large trees with big, fat branches.  I imagined them fishing at the lake, paddling kayaks, bringing in water from the well… I know the water from the well part sounds crazy, right?  Its also a side of me that you probably don’t know about yet.  (The side that loves the land & the privacy.)


After about 15 minutes of walking outside, our PiggyToes stepped into the house which was full of collectibles, antique furniture and OH, a china cabinet that dated back to only God knows when… It was full of colorful glass goblets, bowls, plates, beautiful pieces of serving-ware… I wanted to have tea with the owner and dig through it with her while listening to the story behind each piece!

The bedrooms were large with 2 closets in each, they had sitting rooms, there were fireplaces throughout, a kitchen sink that was nestled into a green counter-top overlooking the lake.  Surely someone will snatch this gem up in a minute!

Brian was sold and I saw projects that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish right away because of the price of the land and home.  The house needed many cosmetic changes (there was floral wallpaper, red & green carpets… it needed tlc and probably a lot of hard labor too).  It would be a life-time investment property, but I just wasn’t sold like Brian.  We talked about it over sushi and ended the night in our backyard with great friends, a bonfire and Skinnygirl cocktails (my new favorite)


We spent the next morning in our Garden.  Brian and I were kind of quiet; I think we both were still thinking about the property on the lake.  Our vegetables are growing though & I love having a garden!  Pole beans, onions, beets, swiss-chard, bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, a variety of tomatoes and all sorts of herbs!  The boys love digging in the dirt and are really good with helping me water too!

We celebrated Nuni’s birthday that evening and talked more the 5 acres and house on a lake.  Who knows if this will even happen, not to mention, our house isn’t even on the market.  We had no intention on moving but its a gem of a property that won’t come along often.  All I know is that our ideas are flowing and its the current topic of conversation at 1046.

Memorial Day came quickly and Brian wanted to take the boys to the lake again.  Our minds are still wandering but Monday was a day that we also spent thinking about all the men and women who have served our country and all who are continuing to serve.  It was neat to scroll through FB’s Newsfeed and learn about friends that I have who have had family members serve our country.  I read stories and inspirational quotes and learned of people who are currently serving our country.  We proudly wore our Red, White & Blue that evening and celebrated the occasion with family!  It was great day!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your friends & family and I’ll keep you posted on the property by the lake… We’re going back soon.


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