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Sorry friends, this time of Summer is when I’m really boring.  Seriously- I have no good stories to tell and we have nothing going on.  I’m not motivated to clean, cook or work-out and have no desire to even do my hair.  I know the minute my PiggyToes step outside, my hair will be the biggest, frizziest mess you ever have seen.  All we do is splash in pools, run through sprinklers, mow the lawn with bubble mowers, pick veggies from our garden and eat… the heat completely wears us out!  Even my 4 year, 4 month old child is still napping all thanks to the sun.  Its true; I really do get a good couple of hours from them both & I just love it.  Last week we attempted to go to the park and it was even too hot for that.  We jumped in the car after 50 minutes and went back to the pool.  So, that’s life as we know it!

Beau is still our psycho dog that is currently in quarantine from the township due to some guy (who I won’t call names) reporting Beau to them saying that he bit him… riiiiight.  That leaves me with Rocco and Roman who are still my 2 favorite monkeys to hang around with.  It was so hot one morning that I actually let them bring their bikes in the house.  Believe it; I really did.  We opened the french doors between the family room and office, cleared a circular path and off they went round and round the house!  I even acted like they did it all by themselves when Brian came home from work and yelled to Roman, “We don’t ride bikes in this house!” (*Oh, we sure did. We suuuure did!*)  I cleaned up dinner while they duked it out.  They make me laugh… and cry… and scream… but mostly laugh.  So today, since I have nothing that good to tell you and I haven’t even been cooking blog worthy meals to post, I’ll share with you 3 Food Blogs I LOVE. In no particular order, check out these food blogs next time you’re bored!


Smitten Kitchen

I love this food blog and all of the photos in it!  Its written by a woman named Deb and seriously, everything she makes, I want to eat.  I have yet to come across a recipe that I’d say ‘no’ to trying.  The next dish I plan to make is this Cold Rice Noodles with Peanut Lime Chicken – mmmmm! One of my most favorite combos: Peanut Sauce & Chicken! Check her blog out, I know you’ll find many dishes to try out too!


Skinny Taste

You know, I know a lot of you hate the word SKINNY, but seriously, don’t be a hater or protest against it… You need to check out this food blog!  I think my cousin introduced me to it and I’m definitely hooked!  Its written by an adorable woman named Gina who features low fat, family-friendly and healthy recipes in her food blog; words and phrases that I love to hear.  One of my fav recipes of hers is: Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps ~ only 147 calories and yummy!


The Pioneer Woman

And last but not least… Ree.  Everyone knows Ree Drummond, right?  I don’t know about you, but I love her blog, her television show, her ideas and creations… HER!  I enjoy browsing her website in my free time and think its so neat how much she has grown too!  Really cool!  One of my favorite recipes of hers is this Spinach Artichoke Dip.  I think its the cheese that makes it THE BEST. And I’d like to have some as a snack right. about. NOW!  You have to click on the link to see all of the photos of the dip in that post.

I also definitely plan to steal her 4th of July idea and stock up on colorful bandanas to use as napkins for our next outdoor party!

That’s all folks!  I’m going back to dip my PiggyToes in the pool and watch my little ones run around! Hope you are having a fantastic and relaxing Summer!


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  1. Joanna says:

    Hi Angelique,
    I, too, love love love Smitten Kitchen and have made dozens of Deb’s recipes…some of them dozens of times, lol. With my past pregnancy I pretty much made everything she posted, lol (how did she always know what I was craving??!)
    i have adapted the very recipe of hers that you have picured above and it is my new staple summer salad. It is unbelivably good…check it out:
    blessings to you!

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Joanna! Oh your pregnancy story is too funny! 😉 and YUM YUM YUM! That salad looks delicious! Thank You for sharing the recipe with me! Hope you are doing well ~ Great to hear from you!

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