Must Have Shoes for Moms

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As a mom of 2 boys, sitting and playing just isn’t part of our day.  If that were the case, you’d most likely find me wearing wedges & heels much more often!  Since I’m up and running, I need comfortable shoes but don’t want to sacrifice style.  My PiggyToes play tag, ride bikes, run around parks and chase little PiggyToes around play areas each and every day! And guess what?  I found a way to do it all in stylish shoes that are fashionable and fun!  Today, I’m sharing with you my…

Must Have Shoes for Moms


Though I don’t own a pair yet, I think these shoes would be the perfect pair to take me through the rest of the Summer and into Fall!

-Converse Sneakers-

I love my converse sneakers!  They come in many different colors, can be worn year round, look good with almost anything and are really comfortable too!

even our boys have them…

-Tall & Flat Boots-

Get a pair of flat boots! (period.)

-Ballet Flats-

You can find a cute pair of flats for $5 or you can splurge and find them for up to $500!  Regardless, ballet flats are sure to take you anywhere and everywhere with your kids without sacrificing style!

(Photo By: Outside Voice)

I found these last season at TJ Maxx and love them!


Crochet Toms are perfect for Spring/Summer.  I have a few classic pair and love wearing them with shorts, jeans… anything!  Comfy & Cute!

-Rain Boots-

Don’t be like me and find yourself picking strawberries in coral stone sandals while your rain boots sit in the closet!  Get a pair of rain boots (or 3) and wear them to the farm, the trail, the lake and of course, you must pull them out on a rainy day!


A cute pair of pumps can take you from day to night and are easy to walk in too!

Flip Flops… Havaianas!

If you know me, you know I love my flip flops; especially in the Summer!  These havaianas are bold and fun~ I’d love a pair for each day of the week!


Buy a Good Pair of heels that will last and take you to many different occasions with your kids in tow.  Not too high, not as short as a kitten heel… Perfect Height & Classic!  The best part?  You can still manage the kids while wearing them!




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  1. Erin Patrick says:

    One pair of each, please!! You have the best fashion sense!

    • Angelique says:

      I know, right?!? I want one pair of each too! hehe Thank You for that sweet sweet compliment too! 😉

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