Hello 6 months!

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It feels so good to say hello to the 6 month mark!  I’m still sporting my scarves these days and nixing a coat!  It works for me (for now) but I’m sure with cold days to come, I’ll be forced to pull out my puffy jackets and hats!  I popped into Anthropologie for the first time in forever and must admit, I missed my pre-prego body for a few minutes.  They had new tops and sweaters and sparkly dresses and coats and jeans… oh the jeans; my weakness… I would have loved to try on a pair.  I held them up to me and stood in the mirror.  Yes, I might have even thought, “OK baby!  You can come out now.  Mama’s ready to start working on getting into my pre-prego jeans again ; )” I rubbed my belly and put the jeans back on the table.  And then I spotted headbands… sparkly headbands!  Perfect for the holidays!  Because what else do you buy at Anthropologie when your prego? I had to have one!  HAPPY 6 MONTHS to me!  Take a peek…

I’m also starting to see a ‘trend’ in my maternity fashion these days.  My outfits usually consist of jeans and a tank with a cute and comfortable cardigan left open over top… I add a scarf and earrings and I’m set to go!  This kind of outfit must be what I feel good in right now so I’m still going with it!

* PREGO TIP * Purchase a handful of colored maternity tanks (such as: Liz Lange @ Target) and wear your pre-prego cardigans over top!  Though I certainly can’t button my cardigans, I like having a little piece of my ‘old’ wardrobe as part of my new ensemble!

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Yellow Cardigan with Glass Buttons: Anthropologie

White Maternity Tank: Liz Lange for Target

Maternity Jeans: GAP Maternity

(But currently coveting: ‘the Stevie’ Slim Straight from Anthro)

Multi-Colored Knit Scarf: Sweet Pea

Beige Flats with Gold Sequins Toe & Heel: Coach

Mini Drop Glass Earrings; Gold & Bronze: A gift from my mama



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  1. Dana Tecza says:

    Ok, now I need a trip to the Galleria. Starbucks and Anthropologie, does it get any better than that?!

    • Angelique says:

      Oh Dana! The Galleria is just ‘happening’ right now! haha SOOOO many NEW things at each and every store! Bring your paycheck! 😉 And let me know what you find!

  2. Kelly Presutti says:

    I just said today I can NOT wait to wear cute shoes and my old jeans again!!! I’m over the tennies since my feet are too swollen for anything else at this point!! And I’ve been wearing tanks and my pre prego cardi’s this whole time! My fav outfits!!!!!

    • Angelique says:

      haha… I know where you’ll be after delivery – SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!!! 😉 But I in NO way, shape or form can wear my pre-prego cardi’s! KUDOS to you babe! Oh, the joys of pregnancy 😉 xo

  3. Joanna says:

    You are one cute preggo mama! Lovin your style, girl! =]

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