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I had big plans for this week… Gift guides, a black Friday check list, a game with giveaways, a meaningful Thanksgiving post… And then my computer died. I’m left with my iPad (which is awesome) but limits me in the blog world since all of my programs are on the desktop. So, all I can do on my iPad is type. And pray that the app doesn’t close on me mid-paragraph causing me to lose the post (it’s happened).

So here’s the latest at 1046: Rocco learned about fire safety in school the other day. Important stuff, right? He came home and told me all about what to do, how he has to get down on his knees, touch the handle in his room to feel if it’s hot, call for mommy or daddy… The whole bit.  Until he thought it would be a good idea if we had a fire to practice.  Seriously kid? You think that’s a good idea? It was then that I wanted to have a chit-chat with our local fire-fighters because I’m not sure they scared them enough considering now my son wants to put this all into a GAME. I mean, and then there’s me who puts the fear of God into him… Ugh.  We had to talk, explain, look at photos, etc… I just would have hoped the fire fighter would have done all of that so that Rocco came home with a different attitude. Instead, he came home with coloring books and temporary tattoos thinking this ‘fire stuff’ is pretty cool! And then seriously wanted to have a fire in his room, do the drill, call for me, all is fun and games!  *sigh* Love him… but had to hide the matches…

Roman, on the other hand, is a little pistol right now!  He got a new bike for his birthday… A ‘skut’- no brakes, no pedals; have you heard of them? Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. He loves it, the concept is spot on and we’ve been taking him to the BMX track in our spare time to practice! He’s fearless.  Gets to the top of the hill and off he goes. He gives Bri and I such a giggle! And Rocco? He cries and whines until Brian just pushes him down the hill.  And then he loves it and tries again. Its so funny how different they are.  And a little scary how fearless my Roman is.

Today is Brian’s birthday and I’m reflecting on him too.  He is such a gift to me… This is the 12th (I think) birthday I’ve celebrated with him and each year is better and better.  I love watching him grow in so many ways and it amazes me that one person can still impress me and blow me away after many years.  I can’t wait to celebrate him tonight. He’s by far, the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.

And me?  Honestly? I’m exhausted right now.  I’ve been cooking and prepping Thanksgiving Day food since 7am while managing the boys too and its 2:15.  It was fun having them help with prep work- Rocco was really good with a potato peeler and Roman kept busy with little things like putting baking cups in muffin tins.  We had music on and the sun shined through the sunroom windows. It was a sweet morning.  Baby has been sitting on a nerve recently though so I’ve started waddling after so many hours on my feet. Ouch :/ I can’t imagine when I’m 8/9 months prego. I should see a chiropractor for the sciatic nerve pain. Other than that, all is well!  Just buuuuuuusy! Crazy busy but… I LOVE a busy life!

And that, my friends, is the latest at 1046 – Fire talk, ‘skut’ bike rides, 2 birthdays and lots of Thanksgiving prep! 😉 I love Thanksgiving!  It’s a special time around here for us… Roman’s bday, hubby’s bday, a lovely holiday spent with family… I feel very blessed.


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