Our Christmas

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Our families are nutso!  (don’t be offended guys) And I love them (you).  Each and every one of them (you)!  And yes; I’m a nut too!  I think every family is nuts.  Yours is probably nuts too, right?  Or is it crazy?  or loud?  or hilarious?  or dramatic?  Something!  And we learn more about the craziness over the holidays, yes?  I do!  ; )  But seriously, if I didn’t have any of these people in my life, it wouldn’t be the same.  In fact, life would just be boring and there would be nothing to talk about… maybe the weather.  And the news.  and the boys antics.  This Christmas was a whirl-wind of fun and for me, it sure was exhausting being in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy through it all.  The boys had a blast visiting with friends and family over the past 6 days, we chowed down on lots of appetizers and delicious foods and then the desserts and cookies… oooooo My scale is going to break by delivery day!  Nuni can attest… she said I’m the widest she’s even seen me.  Gotta love her!  I think the only time our family has been home in 6 days has been to sleep, bath, shower and prep some food for the next festivity.  I hosted once and then cooked & baked a few yummy dishes to bring everywhere else.  My favorite dish I made was this green bean and kale recipe from Giada- Delicious!  A perfect side dish; you have to try it!  Maybe for New Years ~ it was oh so good!

So as I reflect on our Christmas, I imagine that every year will be different since the boys are growing and changing and developing in so many ways.  Rocco was really ‘in tune’ with Christmas this year but we did a lot of ‘teaching’ too… Christmas is about Jesus.  Christmas is about giving.  Don’t ask for more gifts.  Be grateful and thankful for what you have been given.  No matter what you’ve been given, say thank you – you are blessed… and so on and so forth.  So upon opening every gift, Rocco ripped through the presents and shouted, “This was JUST what I wanted for Christmas! THANK YOU!”  It was so sweet the 1st time.  And the 2nd.  And then it *sort of* became meaningless when I could mouth the sentence across the room to Brian as Rocco shouted it out loud.  And Roman… Sweet Roman.  He just took his good ole’ time opening each and every gift and making sure we opened it so that he could play with it for a little bit before moving onto the next.  Seriously, the photos will show- Rocco tore through his gifts faster than I could snap a photo by the time Roman was having Brian or I completely take apart his 1st gift.  I did my best to make sure they took time for kisses & thank you’s and Roman never flinched when asked to give a kiss; he’s a lover boy.  Such an affectionate one.  I have to say, I really enjoyed all of the floor time with our 2 guys these past few days.  It was magical and fun and exciting to watch them.  I love their little personalities and love watching them grow each Christmas too.

Our Christmas…

Christmas Eve was spent with ‘my side’… The $1 glow sticks were a hit (go figure)!  and umbrellas.  and skate-boards.  and nerf guns.  Rocco almost shot my eye out.  Literally.  1 inch higher and I would have been in the ER.  And dinner was incredible.  Yes, my mom is the most phenomenal cook you ever will meet.  In my opinion.  I also caught Roman kissing my pap (his GREAT-grandpap) on the lips!  Sweet memory caught on camera ; )

After our Christmas Eve festivities, I prepped the Monkey Bread (here’s the recipe), and then Brian and I set up the gifts and checked into bed around midnight!  I couldn’t wait to see the boys’ faces in the morning when they realized they have a roller-coasted in their house!


Good Morning monkey boys!  Rocco & Roman were so excited to go downstairs; I couldn’t get them to stop moving for a picture!  I imagine your kiddos were the same, yes?  Thankfully they didn’t wake up earlier than usual… maybe that’s next year???

Blessed Boys

I don’t know about you but did you spend most of your morning with a screw-driver and/or scissors in your hand?  Honest to goodness, why is it easier to open a diamond ring than a ‘Bruder’ truck?  WHY?  I smiled my way through it; the twists and plastic and tape and screws but I definitely pulled out the ‘prego & tired’ card a few (*7-10*) times!  Someone needs to have some serious discussions with these toy companies.  Serious.

After naps, we spent the late afternoon into the evening with Brian’s side of the family… 4 cousins all together on Christmas!  They had a blast running and playing and laughing!  It’s so sweet how well they all get along!

And guess what?  This year we actually got a family photo!  Just one, but that’s progress people!

This was the before shot.  The dog wanted to sit on my PiggyToes…

and Roman was doing this…

But then… we got it.

Our family of 4, soon to be 5!

Ahhhh, Christmas.  You spend so much time, energy and money in preparation for ‘the big day'; you plan and write lists and are ‘working’ all the way up until; you lose sleep and check everything twice and then just like that, in one day… ONE… It’s over.  We made sure to take time (many times) to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus, read what Christmas is really about, and painted ‘stained glass’ Jesus art on Christmas Morning too.  Its easy to lose sight of the true meaning when you’re in the craziness of it all, and honestly, they don’t completely ‘get it’ just yet.  However, I feel that if we instill the meaning in these early years, one day they’ll really understand.  Rocco is catching on more each year but they are still learning and we just need to keep planting the seed and building a strong foundation.

So now hubby booked a little mountain getaway and I am really looking forward to it.  Time to just step away from our home for a bit and relax in the snowy woods with no one around, nothing to do and nowhere to be… I’m bringing pajamas, snow boots, a coat, hot tea and my 2 pillows.  Because these days, it takes 2 pillows to comfort my prego body!  And if you aren’t on FB yet, I posted yesterday that at this time in 8 weeks, we will officially be parents of 3 and will be holding our infant in our arms!  8 weeks!!!  Today when I told Rocco, he said, “And then when THIS baby comes out, you can come home and put ANOTHER one in!”  Wow.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love.  I hope it was special and memorable and full of little moments that you’ll never forget! 



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