What I Wore: 33 Weeks Pregnant

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Remember when I told you last week that my belly popped?  I wasn’t kidding!  And every day, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  GROW BABY GROW!  Though I’m honestly scared about how big this baby will be. (I looked like this when I delivered Roman… not kidding.)

We have a very active little baby; kicking and punching and squirming pretty much non stop all day!  According to the books, our baby is a little over 4 lb.’s now and has passed the 17-inch mark… CRAZY!

As far as my ‘maternity fashion’ goes, this week I’ve been really into my pre-pregnancy flowy tops!  And I have to tell you, there’s something about being able to wear an ‘old’ top that just makes me feel good and semi-normal again!  SEMI.  For a minute.  OK, who am I kidding… there’s nothing normal about my body right now.

I’ll also admit, it’s definitely getting harder to bend over and put boots on my PiggyToes.  I’m still able to.

It just requires a potty break shortly thereafter.

So, there you have it!  Blurry iPhone pics and an ‘old’ top on my prego body!

- Outfit Details -

Grey Tank-Top (under top): GAP Maternity

Dark Maternity Jeans: Liz Lange

Floral Top: TJ Maxx

Boots: Old… No clue.  Maybe Macy’s?

Gold Earrings: Anthropologie

Gold Watch: Kate Spade


PS. Thank You SO SO SO much for your comments, encouragement, prayers, etc. during my ’33 week OB-GYN drama’.  I needed it, adore your friendships and greatly appreciate your support through this pregnancy!!!


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  1. Amber Trumpower says:

    Wow! You look beautiful!! Great outfit too. And I forgot how beautiful your wedding ring is lol

  2. Meghan Banach says:

    You look adorable!! Love that outfit (I would wear that today not pregnant)!! Can’t wait to hear all about your new baby (and the name). So exciting!!!

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