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I’m alive.  and large.  and Pregnant.  Still.  I haven’t wrote in my blog recently because honestly, by the end of the night (my blogging/writing time) I’m spent and my brain stops functioning.  Literally.  It stops.  I’ve been a busy little bee around our nest though!  Some days I ‘forget’ that I have an extra X lbs attached to my body until I sit down and feel every ache and pain and other days (usually the day after what I just described), I feel like I got hit by a truck.  I think it’s safe to say that I’ve organized every basket, bin, closet, drawer, nook and cranny in our home.  The only thing I can think of that needs to be organized and cleaned?  The garage.  However, I won’t touch it with a 10 ft. pool.  That’s hubby’s territory and his space to figure out.  Knowing me, I’d put the fishing hooks with the drill bits.  (<—Don’t ask me why I know that word.  HGTV maybe.)

Another reason why I haven’t wrote much lately is because I feel like its Groundhog Day.  Same routine.  Same waddle.  Same toys.  Same foods.  Same weather.  Similar conversations… all with our 2 little boys.  And this is life…

I wake up to the sound of 2 boys peeing into the same toilet.  My toilet.  They climb in bed and ask for french toast.  Cinnamon French Toast.  I ask them if they’d like to try something different today.  Because hey, it is a new day, right?  Oatmeal, Eggs and Cheese, Pancakes, Cereal, Fruit and Berries…???  These days, they just want cinnamon french toast.  And why do I care?  I roll out of bed.  Yes, roll.  And waddle downstairs to make them cinnamon french toast.  I top it with fruit and sit with them in my favorite Victoria’s Secret long sleeve cotton sleep shirt sipping my coffee.  Occasionally, I have to threaten them that if they don’t eat their fruit, they won’t be allowed french toast anymore.  It’s a shame that threats work for them but it does.  They gobble the fruit.  We chit chat about the day, they take turns trying to get down and play but I’m pretty adamant about them sitting.  and eating.  and using their manners.  It’s *kind of* working.

My PiggyToes take me upstairs to put the same old maternity jeans on and I pretend that I look different than I did the day before.  (wishful thinking).  I can hear the boys dumping 793 legos in the family room.  They love Legos.  I love that they love the same things.

On their days off of pre-school, I’ve been taking them to a little town I love.  Brian and I have had dreams of moving there.  Dreams that don’t go away but only become stronger as time goes on.  Dreams of living in a town where we can walk out of our front door and go to restaurants, shops, coffee, playgrounds, the library, grocery store, ice-cream… you name it.  We desire that lifestyle and talk about it frequently.  If we ever made a move like this, we would downsize our home (because in these kinds of towns, you don’t find new construction.)  For us, it’s not about that though.  I read something once that stuck with me: “Small houses build closer families.” If we ever made a move like this to a cozy little home with our family of 5, I’ll frame it and live by it.  Its worth the lifestyle and community.

The town I take the boys to has a candy store too.  On this trip, we stopped in and each filled a bag for our walk.  These 2 boys are funny though.  They hoard candy.  When they get it, they hide it, play with it, organize it, talk about it, wheel it in dump trucks around the house, store it in places I find months later.  The 2 monkeys might eat a couple of pieces but that’s all!  Silly, I know.

When we arrive home, Roman puts a box of Mac & Cheese on my stove-top.  He does this every day around 11am in hopes that I actually make it.  He’s obsessed with Macaroni and would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I allowed him to.  I’ve pureed some veggies (like squash, carrots, peas) to add to the mixture and he has no clue.  I guess its my way of making myself feel better about cooking up boxed mac & cheese.

Forts have become a daily thing too.  It’s cold where we live (Pittsburgh) and I don’t have the desire or the energy to run around in the snow 9 months prego.  We’ve had some good memories building forts and reading books with flashlights inside of our forts.

Can’t forget about little one in my belly… Most days, sweet babe asks for something sweet too.  Today?  Rice Krispie Treats.  Why not?

And at the end of the night, Brian and I bath the boys together and I could fall asleep while he reads the boys a book.  I’m exhausted.  They love this book…  LOVE.

Sweet man usually brews us hot tea when we come downstairs.  I head straight to the couch.  We chat and at some point, I find myself on my iPad surfing Pinterest… and asking Google questions like, “Is it ok to forget to take my prenatal vitamin?”  Just the thought of having to get up and take the horse pill or liquid grossness exhausts me to tears.  *yawn*

That’s life most recently… 17 days.

What does your day consist of?


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  1. Sarah says:

    I feel you. I am so brain dead. I have until mid march for this baby. And at night I just want to pass out too.

    I have a moment to blog in the afternoon during naps, but I find myself thinking about Abigail and all things baby, I either shop online, go organize something, or clean something.

    17 days! So amazing! I can’t wait!

    • Angelique says:

      In your brain dead moments, know that you are not alone! That I’m out there just as brain dead… giggle 😉 And enjoy shopping, organizing and cleaning! Soon we will have NO TIME for it!!!

  2. jennifer tan says:

    where is this little town of which you speak? dare i dream that we’ll be neighbors?? :)

    • Angelique says:

      It’s not the town you are in but it’s close! Sewickley 😉 We do look in Lebo though! You never know! I’ll keep you posted 😉 xo

  3. Je Q says:

    Move here, Move here! You are talking about here right?? It’s definitely a compromise from a big new house …. I do not have a toilet I can call MINE, but I can walk to the best pizza place around. ; ) (And we have already!) I didn’t even dare look at what I could get outside of here when we were house hunting — so tempting but I knew I wanted walkable walkable walkable! There is just something to be said to be able to walk to so many places in minutes and my kids will be able to walk to school all the way thru high school. Love it here! I haven’t read in awhile & just checked in.
    Cannot wait to hear about baby number 3 soon!!

    • Angelique says:

      Awe Jen; this makes me feel so special! Is your new house walking distance to the town? That’s just AWESOME! And you are right, it is definitely a compromise but the lifestyle would be great. Such a life change! Thanks for coming by 😉

  4. Amy Wolff says:

    Is this little town you dream of Mt. Lebanon…. I <3 that town too……… :-0

  5. Amy Wolff says:

    Great school districts.. you may not get the house you want but the school districts are ranked really high!

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