5 Minute Face

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Often times, when I run into friend, one of the first things she’ll say is, “Hi!  Ugh, don’t look at me, I have no makeup on!”

It got me thinking… Because if wearing makeup is something you’d like to do but don’t think you have the time for, you do!

Today I’m sharing my ‘5 minute face’ routine and how I feel a little more put together by taking this short amount of time for myself!


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5 minute face

Step by Step of How To achieve the ‘5 Minute Face’!

1.  Apply Well Rested under eyes (Tip: A little goes a long way; especially after a sleepless night!).
2.  Using a large makeup brush, swoosh High Definition Foundation by Makeup Forever over entire face.
3.  Add some color to your cheek bones with MAC’s ‘Frankly Scarlet’ Matte blush. (Tip: Smile when applying!)
4.  Apply MAC ‘Mulch’ to the lids of your eyes and right above the crease.
5.  Use MAC ‘Teddy’ or ‘Coffee’ to pencil on the top & bottom of your eye. (Tip: Meet each line at the corner of your eye.)
6.  Apply Tarina Tarantino Mascara to your lashes.

Lastly, don’t forget your lips! I typically choose a soft color and usually apply whatever I’m wearing in the car… with my 3 boys strapped in!  My go to color? Softlips coral gloss!

Angelique Lorence June 30_0011

It’s amazing how taking 5 minutes for myself and applying just a little makeup can make me feel!  I know it may sound silly to some, but on the days when I wear makeup, I definitely notice that I hold my chin a little higher, smile a little bigger and I feel more prepared for whatever the day ahead may bring!


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  1. jimmie lee says:

    OMG if I can actually pull this off it would be a miracle and I don’t even really wear that much make up…need to practice i guess!


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