I lost my Marbles.

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What a morning.  You know, it’s so funny to me when people say, “Look at you!  You’re so put together!”  or “I don’t know how you always have it together!”  This whole “together” thing makes me laugh.  And then I roll my eyes and shake my head.  Let me tell you, just because I did my 5 minute face and threw on a cotton dress this morning, in no way, shape or form means that I have it together.  I just felt like looking half decent while not having it together.  I’m telling you, I’ve lost my marbles mamas; they are gone!  Gone, I said.  And days like today are a reminder that I need to stop life, stop running wild and take a moment to pick them all up.

Today, I’m a hot mess.  Well, WE are all a mess here at 1046.

The morning started out perfectly.  I opened my eyes at 5:00am for the FIRST time.  My Mario had slept the whole night through and I was well rested for the day.  Thank God, because it all went downhill from there.  The morning rush with the 4 of us is just insane.  It’s like, Ready.  Set. GO! from the time I wake until the time they are safe and sound in their pre-school classrooms.  After drop off, I pulled into the SBux drive-through and read a sign that said the drive-through was broken and wait time would be longer.  Awesome.  No coffee.  I drove out of line, headed straight to my 6 week Dr.’s apt (for me) and made it just in time.  I swooped Mario out of the car and into the office and then realized I had nowhere to put him when it was time to fill out paperwork and be examined.  The nurse needed me to weigh in and of course, I wasn’t going to add 10 lb.’s to the scale by holding Mario while I got on, so I put him on the exam table and weighed myself.  Yep : )  And I even subtracted a few lb.’s too!

I left my apt and went to Bed Bath & Beyond for new KCups.  Coffee was heavy on my mind.  Mario screamed.  He hates the car-seat and this time, I brought the car-seat.  Everyone stared at me.

Why do people have to stare? 

It’s not like I’m going to leave.  I need KCups for cryin’ out loud.  And I need a lot.  I need to look at the new ones, debate if I’m in the mood for Coconut, Creme Brule or ___ and he’s crying.  I know.  I grabbed a box of Chocolate Raspberry, Mudslide & Hazelnut Cream (I love flavored coffee) and then me and my screaming baby got in a crazy long line.  That’s when the questions & comments began.

“Awe, someone doesn’t like to shop!”

“How old?”

“What’s her name?” (as he’s wearing all blue and zipped into an all blue car-seat cover)

“New mom?”

Honestly, I’m usually very friendly but I can’t focus or have a chipper conversation when my baby is screaming.  And beat red.  Needless to say, people realized that I wasn’t getting out of line and they all let me go ahead of them.

Onward we went, a few pounds lighter, with new KCups, a fresh diaper and we arrived at school to pick up the big boys.  I got out of the car with Mario in arms, began feeding him, I smiled and said hello to a few moms, chit chatted with a teacher and then rounded the corner to the playground where the kids are.  I scanned the playground looking for Roman and my eyes noticed a little boy bum and a little boy penis.

Now mind you, this is when it all went down in slow motion for me. –

I scanned the playground looking for Roman and saw a penis.  I looked to another mom giving her that look like, ‘Glad it’s not my kid‘ and then I kept scanning for Roman… I looked towards the diggers, the sand, the water pump all while thanking God that the kid with his penis out wasn’t mine.  I couldn’t find Roman.  Looked to my left, looked to my right… and then it hit me.

That was Roman.


It was HIS penis!

And Oh my goodness gracious, Lord help me… He is PEEING!!!

By the entrance door!

Where EVERYONE enters and exits the pre-school!

The 4’s teacher called over to the 3’s teacher (Roman’s teacher) and she yelled, “Roman!” and ran towards him.  I looked towards the other mamas and say, “Yes!  Of course it’s my child.  Of course.”  And not only is he peeing but it’s splashing up onto the other boys pants next to him.  I made a mad dash with Mario over to him and his teacher.

I bent down to him and could feel the wind under my dress.  It crossed my mind that I could have been flashing the mamas, but by now, good Lord, who cares… my son is PEEING where everyone enters and exits the preschool and onto another boys legs too! And not to mention, Mario is now dangling from my arms dribbling milk out of his mouth.  I said, ‘Roman.  ROMAN!  We don’t pee on the walkway; near the DOOR.  Where everyone WALKS!  Roman!  Why didn’t you get your teacher?  The bathroom is inside!  You know that.  They will always open the door for you.’

He put his head down and his lip started to quiver.  I felt bad for him; he was so embarrassed.  I put my head down to talk to him and got a glimpse of my breast pad (I have an issue with those stupid things.)… We’re officially a mess and if someone took a picture of that scene, you’d see Roman standing over a puddle of pee, another boy looking down at his legs in confusion, Mario dangling on my hip and me bending down next to Roman with my dress all twisted and breast pads hanging out of my bra.  And Lord only knows the rest of my dress situation (remember I felt wind?).  I fixed myself quickly, put Mario on my shoulder and then asked Roman to apologize to his teacher.  What’d he say?


The child said, ‘No.’ ?!?!?

“No?  What do you mean, no?  You need to apologize for what you did.  It was an accident Roman, but you need to say you’re sorry.”


Now what do I do?  If I were to ever sternly tell Rocco to apologize in a situation, he would.  This is new territory for me.  Roman?  He’s like, ‘No mom.’ and then shows no sign that he’s scared of what might happen if he doesn’t do what he’s told.  We headed to the car and decided that he’ll ‘write’ (aka. scribble a ‘space-ship’) an apology letter.  We were embarrassed; all of us… and I couldn’t wait to get home.  Life is easy at home.  I think the rush of the morning is the hardest part about having 3.  Having to get everyone out of bed, fed, dressed, hair, teeth, bathroom, book-bags, in the car and to school on time every day, while breast feeding, burping and changing an infants diaper is the hard part.  Being home with everyone all day is easy.  No wonder mamas home-school.  You get to move at your own pace.  Get into a routine that works for you and isn’t scheduled for you.

We got home and my PiggyToes felt wet.  I realized that I must have stepped in pee.  I’m so grossed out.  We all need a shower.

There’s no moral to the story, no answer as to why Roman did what he did.  And poor Mario… being dangled all around.  He’s so chill; especially when I’m holding him.  All I know is that I currently have 3 boys sleeping, I brewed my a new KCup and poured it over ice and then changed out of my dress.  Which by the way, in doing so, noticed that oh yes, my dress is see through and you could see my leopard undies.  Perfect.  Just a little Fashion Faux Paux for you… Which just makes the pre-school scene even better.  I can seriously close my eyes and picture what all the other mamas got to witness.

Pee, boys, pee on clothes, pee on PiggyToes, a mama dangling her 6 week old, breast pads hanging out, leopard undies under a see through dress…


I tell ya.

That’s all.  Time to find my marbles.  Then, I’m done for the day.


PS.  Don’t leave without telling me that your son/daughter has peed in public before too.  I know I’m not alone but seriously, tell me.

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  1. Jess says:

    Oh heavens, our lives are almost mirrors. I certainly have four specific pee stories, TWO poop stories, see through dresses (WHY?!?), and enough of laughing at the ridiculousness of mommy life that I can and do empathize. Tomorrow it will be someone else’s turn!

    • Angelique says:

      Jess- I don’t know what’s worse, a poop story or a pee story!?! and I must admit, I’m SO glad I don’t have a poop story (YET!)…lol Maybe God knew I wasn’t quite prepared for that right now 😉

  2. Sonia says:

    Oh my I am so sorry you had such a bad day :( I am not a mom, but I remember when I was little boys would pee in public lol. You need a nice spa day!!!!

  3. Laura Powell says:

    I loved your post today. That sounds so much like what would happen in our family. You know this is a boy thing. Because they can just whip it out easily they do. We live in the country so my little boy is used to doing that. I guess i never thought if i told him it was ok at our house that he shouldn’t do it when we go out in the world. So yes he has tried to pee in the grocery store parking, his school parking lot, you name it. They will learn and you will get through it. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Angelique says:

      Laura- It makes sense! And I too have let them pee in the woods on a tree before. *sigh* Glad I’m not the only one that goes through this 😉

  4. Amber says:

    I have no pee in public story yet. But. Brody constantly talks about pee, poo and his penis. He said to my mom today at lunch that he was mad. And he’s going to pee on her eye ball.

    • Angelique says:

      YET, Amber… YET! 😉 hehe And the ‘pee on your eye ball’ thing is SUCH a BOY thing… My boys love to say goofy, disgusting things like that. I ignore it most of the time and then address it when it gets out of hand. (which is daily-lol)

  5. Adrianne says:

    Well let me tell you a story lol
    When my oldest which is 12 now was around 3-4 years old we decided to have a sleep over. After having two 3-4 yr olds all day come bed time I was worn out!!! After getting them in pj’s and brushing teeth it was time to snuggle into bed. My son requested to sleep on the top bunk and his friend said he would not mind to sleep on the bottom. After they were in bed for about 10 min our guest was yelling my name. I went into the room and asked what the problem was? He wanted a cup of water so I got him a small cup of water let him have a sip and placed it on the dresser that was right next to the bunk bed and said goodnight. I was pouring myself a drink when I heard my name again faintly then REAL loud! I go rushing in the room with all kinds of thoughts rushing through my head !!! I stop in disbelief my son is standing on the top bunk peeing off of it trying to aim for the cup of water!!!!! REALLY???? What in the HE double hockey sticks is going on !!!! His friend says ” he peed in my water” yea and on the dresser and down the dresser pee is everywhere!!!!! After I made him apologize and cleaned up everything and gave him a talking to it was back off to bed!! ……. I think it’s a boy thing lmao 😉

    • Angelique says:

      Oh my word… SO gross! lol Definitely a boy thing. And how proud he must have felt getting it in the cup too- lol. Not funny in the moment but funny now!

  6. Sarah says:

    Oh the days we mommies have! Today I thought it would going to go smooth, but as I was getting little Abigail out of the car to put in the stroller to go off to breakfast with my mom, she was dripping with poop. I had JUST changed her (pooped before too), but this time it was all over the car seat and her clothes and my hand. FUN!

    ON another note, our 4 year old has taken to peeing in the trash can NEXT to the toilet! I’ve moved it’s location recently. He’s starting to find it fun he can “aim” it. haha YUK! 😉

    I feel for you.

    • Angelique says:

      Oh Sarah- The newborn poop… I’m right with ya! And the trash can story is too funny. It’s like, ‘WHY?’ The toilet is RIGHT next to it!

  7. Courtney B says:

    haha.. good stuff… like you said a horror to live thru but makes for a really really great post. and you know… they say we are ‘going to miss these days’ haha 😀 Thanks for sharing…the whole time I’m reading I’m thinking “o thank God it’s not just me”

    • Angelique says:

      Courtney- YES, I truly will miss these days; I know it. As mortifying as it was, that did cross my mind later in the day. Like that could have freaked him out and embarrassed him SO MUCH that he may never do it again and then that could have been his ‘one time’ pee in public story that I’ll tell him when he’s 30! 😉 haha I treasure these days 😉

  8. Amanda says:

    When my son was 3, we went to our cousin’s wedding in NC. It was an outside wedding in North Carolina. Since we live in the country, he was used to being allowed to pee outside. So when the time came for him to have to go potty, he walked over to the a green area right off the dance floor, dropped his pants and peed away! So many parents came up to me and my husbad asking, “Did you see what your son just did?!” We just had to take it in stride… He was 3 and didn’t pee his pants…so in his mind, he did good. We just had to have a talk (again) about peeing inside when we aren’t at home lol!

    Another story to make you feel better…while out boating my husband and I can smell poop. It turns out that our son (7 years old now) pooped in his swimming trunks while swimming. When questioned as to why he would do that, he said, “I thought it would sink to the bottom!”

    These times can sure be frustrating but I assure you, you will look back and laugh!

  9. Trixie says:

    Just last summer i had my son who is 3 his cousin, and a few neighbor kids out in my mom’s backyard playing. I look over and there is My boy pants to his ankle’s in the middle of all the kids peeing on the sidewalk.. Its funny now but at the time it was a bit upsetting. Boys.. there wild ones. Best of luck and take care!

    • Angelique says:

      I guess they all go through it once or twice, huh? lol Just LOVE to know I’m not alone in going through these experiences 😉

  10. This post reminded me of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! You have such a great writing style, though–I was cracking up! I hope your day has gotten better! Have a wonderful weekend!

    ~Abby =)

  11. Dana Tecza says:

    I love ALL your posts but these just make me realize that I AM NOT ALONE! Ha! I have a peeing story only it is from my middle DAUGHTER, not my son! We moved into our new house 5 years ago, Taylor was 2 1/2 and we were potty training. She was anxious to play at our new neighbors house because they also had 3 little girls. I sent her over to their yard to play while I worked in my yard (she was wearing a pull up) within 5 minutes the dad next door came walking over with Taylor…naked. She had taken off all her clothes AND pull up and peed on the side of their house. Yep, she squatted right there. Luckily we became fast friends and still laugh about it today. I loved everything about this post. I also love that you tell the good AND the bad!

    • Angelique says:

      Oh you are definitely not alone! haha That’s so funny about Taylor too 😉 So I guess this happens to little girls, huh?! Love it! Thanks for your sweet blog love too, Dana 😉

  12. Elysia says:

    My son has peed in the line while waiting for a ride at Legoland. My face was very red, but everyone around me just laughed it off.

    • Angelique says:

      Oh goodness! Thankfully everyone laughed it off for your sake but yes… I feel you, I too was red in the face! SO embarrassing! Thanks for writing 😉

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