Step by Step Makeup in 5

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I’ve been asked, ‘Do you always wear makeup?

The short answer is, ‘Yes.  Yes, I do.

Even if it’s just powder, mascara, and gloss, yes I do.

So then the next question people ask is, ‘How do you have the time to apply it with 3 little children?

5 minutes.  I wrote about my 5 minute face here.

But let me show you.

Here I am ladies!  No makeup.

I washed my face with Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser and applied moisturizer as well.


I’m a sleep deprived mama of 3.  I was up maybe 4 times last night with my 8 month old, Mario.  He just loooooves to nurse.

I applied Bare Essentials ‘Well Rested’:

under my eyes

on my eye lids

a little on the tip of my nose



Then, I applied Makeup Forever foundation all over and MAC blush on my cheeks and t-zone.


Eyes:  I thought I’d do 1 eye first to show you the difference.

Just a little eye-shadow, liner and mascara can go a long way for a quick look!


However, my under-eyes are still dark but it’s nothing that ‘Well-Rested’ and a little dry powder can’t fix!  I applied more of it with a small brush over each dark line and kept dabbing it all the way to my hair line (while trying not to get too close to the liner).

IMG_5703 - Version 2

All done!  Took no more than 5 minutes.


Trust me, if I can do it… So can you!


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  1. Mary Dyar says:

    Who makes Well Rested? You look good!!

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