Stitch Fix Christmas Box

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You all know my love for Stitch Fix!  The company that has allowed me to shop from the comfort of my own home for fun new pieces that I can add to my wardrobe!  Pieces that are within my price-range.  Pieces that I may not otherwise have picked up and tried on.  And not to mention, as a busy mom of 3, I really look forward to my monthly Fix!  When I see the box on my door-step, I get giddy excited!

Before Christmas, I was super excited to get something new for all of the parties, family get-togethers and fun occasions with friends that we had scheduled on our calendar.  However, of all 6 items I received, I only liked one.  The piece of jewelry.  I was so bummed.  In my head, this box would be full of sparkle, or fun dressy sweaters, a red dress or ‘festive’ top.  Nada.

Take a look at my Christmas Fix while I explain why I only purchased one item.


#1.  Black Dress.  It’s ok.  Actually, it’s boring.  And I already own maybe 2 black wrap dresses.  I also don’t like where this hits me in my knee.  I’m short so I like dresses that are above my entire knee cap.  I know it looks like it is on left knee, but look closer.  The top of my knee-cap is under the dress.  A hem that is 1 inch higher (even 1/2″)  would have made a world of difference.  Trust me.  Where are my shorties?  Get it?



#2. Bling Bling Necklace.  If you are on my Facebook Page, you may know that this is what I purchased from my Fix!  And I haven’t taken it off since ; )  It was a perfect holiday accessory and since then, I’ve also worn it to dress up a plain T too!


#3. Navy Chevron Top.  Chevron?  Navy and White?  Pittsburgh Christmas?  I mean, it’s cute, but this just wasn’t holiday to me.  Also, it was too big in my chest and the fabric was stiff as a board making it difficult for my life-style with 3 boys (which includes a nursing baby)!  This is more Spring, early Fall to me.


#4. Jacket.  You guys.  I have no need or want for this.  This just isn’t me.  The fit, the style, the crisp business-y cut… And again, it was too big in my chest.  With my lifestyle, I don’t have a need or want for this.



#5. Dress.  This is Fall to me.  Not a winter OR a holiday dress.  Would have been ok in the Thanksgiving box.  Maybe?  It was waaaay too big in my shoulders and again in my chest and the style was again, not me.  It just didn’t do anything for me right before the Christmas parties we were attending.  This is more, Sunday church on a warm Fall day.




So, listen.  Though this fix was a 90% bust in my opinion, it doesn’t mean I’m ending my monthly Stitchfix.  By no means.  I still love the company, the idea, the convenience and the clothes too!  However, I need to have a convo with my stylist.  I’m also thinking that I may have been given a new stylist and she just doesn’t know me yet.  You might be thinking that I am sooo picky (yes, I am) but I like my clothes to fit a certain way and I was so disappointed that these pieces were all chosen for me right before Christmas and New Years.  So tell me…

What do you think of this ‘fix‘?



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  1. Dawn says:

    Agreed! What on odd box with, dare I say it, frumpy clothes! And at Christmas time? Strange! You always have the best “fix!”

  2. I agree with you on all fronts. The necklace was my favorite too! Bummed that you had to send it all back…how are the returns anyway? A pain in the butt, or pretty stress free? I still haven’t committed. I want to, but something is holding me back–probably my weird problem with spending money on myself.

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