How to make your own baseboards

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Just as things started moving full speed ahead at the farmhouse, dear hubby decided to rip out all of the base-boards in our home!  Why?  Well, each room had different baseboards.  Some of it was original dating back to 1824, some of it was done in the mid 1940’s and others looked like they were done a few years ago.  There were many different styles and sizes and it came down to the fact that Brian wanted consistency throughout.  I agreed and that is when we decided that we wanted to match the original baseboards as closely as possible.

(This photo was taken in the dining room before we owned our home.  It was the best photo of the original base-board that I could find.)


After doing some research and talking to a few lumber yards, Brian decided that the only way to accomplish consistency and the look we wanted, we had to make our own baseboards.  Friends… DIY Base-boards!  I’m not kidding.

What You Need

Planed wood planks at desired height and depth (we used poplar)

Base caps for more ornate look or router bit for corniced top

Mitre saw

Nail Gun and Air Compressor

Router (preferably a table router)


1″ finishing nails

Woodworking glue

Sand paper, 100 grit


Stain or Paint


1.  Take all of your planks and route out a groove that will fit the tongue of your base-cap. *Check and double check and triple check that your routing depth is accurate before you route all of them!*

2.  Install all routed base planks throughout all of the rooms that are getting new baseboard.  To install, use a finishing gun with finishing nails and make sure that you 45 all joints together.  Again… Measure twice, cut once!

3.  Then take your base caps and nail those in on top of the base planks ensuring that they are fitting snug into the groove.

4.  Sand imperfections with 100 grit sandpaper.

5.  Caulk any large gaps.  (If you are working in an old home like we are, it’s rare to have a true 90* angle)

6.  Paint or Stain


Here are a few BEFORE base-boards photos.  After this, they were caulked, primed and sanded.  Then tomorrow, they will finally be painted!

 photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

I’ll be sure to update this post when they are 100% complete!  Hubby did an awesome job!  They are tall, detailed and my favorite part is that they are handmade!  I look at them and still can’t believe he crafted them with his own two hands!  Amazing. Can’t wait to show you the final product!

After this project, the hardwood floors and quarter round will be installed.  STAY TUNED!  Our #60dayfarmhouse is coming to an end!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Angelique you are blessed to have such a handy hubby. :) Those look amazing. I can’t wait to see them painted!

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Melissa! OH I KNOW! Each and every day, he continues to amaze me with his handy work! Thank you for your sweet compliments; I can’t wait to show the finished product :)

  2. says:

    Did you use a 1×4 or 1×6


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