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This morning, I read something that inspired this post.  It went something like,

“Nobody goes to a blog for the scenery. They go for the content. That’s it. That’s all. That’s all that matters.”

It made me think about our #60dayfarmhouse project and this blog.  And I feel like I should apologize.  For some reason, throughout the whole project, I lacked on publishing daily/weekly blog posts.  I was really good with updating Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, but a blog post? *gasp*  That was a big deal.  I guess I felt like in order to publish a post, I needed it to look ‘pretty’.  Or I needed to have these great before and after photos for you.  When I didn’t.  And I was nowhere near those kinds of photos.  Or maybe I should have only posted if I were to ‘teach’ you something new that I learned about renovating an old house… After e-mails and comments and questions, I realized that I should have just shared the mundane with you.  The messy.  The photos that looked like nothing was getting done yet a lot was being accomplished.  Maybe I should have shared some little daily mini lessons with you.  Even if it only took up 1/15th of the page.

Because as you have showed me, you care about the content, the updates and all of the little details.  And heck, that’s why I love you.  And this community.  And this space.

So let me catch you up.  We are currently on day 67 of our #60dayfarmhouse project.  We are living here now and the house is eh?  90% complete?  It’s amazing and we are so happy to be in now but the project has definitely taken a toll on us all and we’ve had some major setbacks because of weather and bad companies too.  In regards to it taking a toll on us, all of our PiggyToes now have… an ear infection, a nose run, pink eye, bronchitis and pneumonia.  Ugh.  You see, this is what happens when you do a 60 day renovation in the middle of a horrific winter with 3 little boys.  This is what happens when you work round the clock, when you don’t eat home cooked, healthy meals each and every day, when you don’t sleep as many hours as your body is used to sleeping, when you run and run and run and you just don’t stop… when you keep going because you have a goal that you are so desperately trying to reach.  There was definitely something exhilarating about it all but this…

this is (unfortunately) what happened.

We’re here now…  And settling…  And so much has happened in the past few weeks.


Installed the kitchen that was in a million and one boxes in our family room

photo 1

Installed the appliances, one of which was shattered upon arrival.


Finished 99% of the boys bathrooms… the mirrors that we ordered didn’t work in the space because of where the wall outlets were installed.

photo 2

Put the 2nd floor laundry room together and hooked up the washer and dryer (a much bigger project than ever expected)


MOVED in -7* chill

photo 3

photo 4

Unpacked the kitchen in an unfinished kitchen

photo 5

Installed the carpet in the family room on attempt #4 I think?

Installed a new kitchen farmhouse sink

Met with Troy Granite and had the template for the counter-tops made

Installed 2 kitchen pendant lights.  They are flowers… from Anthropologie.  I’m in love.

photo 2

Stained the hardwood floors and visited Hotel PapaNana while the house was stinky

photo 3Came home and cooked our first healthy, home-cooked meal

photo 4

Made our beds


And then we all started dropping like flies.

The End.

jk ; )

It’s been a whirl-wind.  An absolute crazy 2 months that was draining both physically and emotionally.  To say that was hard would be an understatement.  That was trying in so many ways.  Exciting, thrilling, fun… absolutely.  But also, 100% draining.  We are so very excited to start enjoying life again.  Excited to make new memories with our boys.  Excited to relax and have movie nights and go ice-skating and sleep in.  Maybe? ; )

This coming Thursday, I have an awesome photographer coming that I can’t wait to introduce you to!  She’s going to take a bunch of ‘AFTER’ photos of our house, edit them and then I’ll be able to start putting together all of the Before & After Posts of our project!  I’m super duper excited!

Keep following along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (<– thepiggytoes) as I add all of the special touches, room to room that make our house our home!


PS.  It’s Valentine’s Day!  Oh my… Happy Valentine’s Day, love-birds!  I’m off to set the table!

That’s right.  SET.  THE.  TABLE.


I haven’t set a table in months!



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  1. Amber says:

    Ang – the house is looking amazing!!! Love the stain on the floors! I can’t even imagine how exhausted you and the family are but it will be well worth it at the end. Can’t wait to see the after photos! :)

  2. Sarah says:

    You know I feel like you.. Content is right. Maybe I should JUST write. I always feel like I need to have the perfect presentation on my blog. I’ve been just losing all drive to write on my blog lately, as it just seems like life is busy over here and the content isn’t perfect. Like I don’t’ have any recipes or anything.. But I do have life. Hmm

    I love reading your posts and following along with you. I feel like we walked through things together even though it was me watching you. We both started our blogs around the same time, had a 3rd little one around the same time all the while blogging about life. :) You are a wonderful writer, and simply reading about your day in and day out is fun. It’s like having a pen pal. :)

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