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OK.  Let’s see.  Today I…

Woke up at 5:15am to Brian’s God awful alarm clock.  It was so loud and obnoxious and it even woke the baby up.  He was m.a.d. when he got up too.  Joy.  Monday.

Heard a squeal outside of my door around 6am.  ‘I just want to make a caaaaaaaaaaaaar!’  A car.  With his new car maker.  That couldn’t wait until a reasonable hour.  I didn’t even argue.  We plugged the sucker into the socket and got right to work.

Brewed coffee and noticed a still full crock-pot from 2 days ago (that’s an entirely different blog post).  (Ok.  You want to know. In short, I forgot about my Beef Stroganoff crock-pot… I don’t have counter-tops right now so it sits down inside of a cabinet and you can’t see it.  I cooked another dinner… forgot about the crock-pot… I said that… forgot to clean out the crock-pot… so on and so forth.  You get the idea.)  Ever done something like that?

Found out that Mario does not have bronchitis or pneumonia.  Praise God.

Reacquainted myself with Costco.  Such a great place!  Lots of organics, tasty food samples (aka. The day we ate lunch from the samples)

Cooked Chicken Enchiladas (<– PIN that recipe; it’s so good!), a staple dish in our home and it was the first time I cooked it in my new kitchen!

And then…

*drum roll*

Brian, my dad, my pap and my brother moved our dining room set into the dining room!  Hooray!!!

You know what that means?

I can decorate!  Create a new table-scape!  Play with glass and bowls and chargers and napkin rings… oh, this stuff makes me so happy!

This was our last dining room and just one of the many table-scapes I created on it.  While scrolling Pinterest the other night, I noticed that it got nearly 3,000 re-pins… Holy Moly folks, talk about being flattered!

That inspired me to PIN more of my table-scapes!

dining room

I can’t wait to show you my new space!

After the furniture was moved in, mom and I sat in the library/parlor and contemplated where to place furniture in that room.  It’s a tricky space.  2 built in book shelves, 1 fireplace, 3 windows, the opening to the room… I gotta say, I’m stuck. (and heading back to Pinterest and Houzz)

I look around and still see so much to do and yet at the same time, I look around and I’m so proud.  I see how much we’ve done and all that we have accomplished in just a couple of months.  I’m amazed at the work my husband has done, thankful for all of the people who have had their hands in our project and grateful for all of the help we’ve received along the way too!  We’re getting there!  Each and every day… Next up; the dining room decor!  I’m so excited to put this room together!

Stay Tuned!


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  1. Kristi D says:

    I just love these little posts! So…question…do you always have your table decorated and then pull everything aside when it’s mealtime, or is it ‘dressed’ for special nights? I ask, b/c my dining room needs some tlc, but I don’t know what to do! I can just imagine you and your mama sitting there talking, and it sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! I can’t wait to see your reveals! You’re so good at this! xo

    • Angelique says:

      Thanks Kristi! So, the dining room table is always ‘dressed’ and then if I’m having a dinner party, I’ll clean the dishes and glasses and re-set it. I just love that it sits put-together and pretty! And I LOVE changing the table-scape too! :) The kitchen table is not ‘dressed’ and that is where our family eats on a day to day basis! Thanks for writing! xo

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