Finished Farmhouse Floors

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Floors!  Floors!  Floors!

This was a big decision for us.

What kind of floors should we have?

What kind of floors do we want?

What kind of floors can we afford?

What kind of floors will we love?

Ultimately, it came down to this:  We bought a Farmhouse and most farmhouses that date back to the 1800’s (like ours) had pine floors.  Pine Flooring definitely isn’t as popular today as it was in past centuries but we wanted that look and feel and thankfully, we knew what we were getting into as well.

In my opinion, not only does pine look great but the beauty of it just gets better over time with the wear and tear of use.  If you don’t think that ‘worn’ floors are beautiful, pine is not for you.  Pine is soft, therefore it dents and scratches more easily.

We placed an order at Lumber Liquidators for our floors and they were very helpful and educated us on different woods, styles, finishes, etc.  2 weeks later, our floors arrived!

Floor Details

Type:  We ordered Carlisle White Pine and Heart Pine.  In our Farmhouse, we have 5″, 6″ and 9″ boards placed sporadically throughout.

photo 1

First, we (hubby) installed the floors…

photo 3

Then, we rented a sanding machine and Brian sanded the floors.  You need to sand the boards to ensure they are level, so while this is what we did, it’s safe to say that it was one decision Brian regrets.

photo 3

He says that sanding should always be left to professionals.  It’s definitely not as easy as you think it would be and if you think it’s going well, it’s not.  You will see all of your unprofessional mistakes once the stain sets in.

Live and learn!

Stain:  We used Mixwax Polyurethane Stain.  Color?  Honey from Home Depot (<–Buy it!).  I love the color and I’m so glad it’s what we chose.  Brian liked ‘Red Oak’ by Minwax but to my eye, it wasn’t right for our colors and house furnishings.  Thankfully, he’s really happy with the color and the way it turned out and I am too!


I will note: The smell was so bad that the boys (ages 5, 4, 11 mo.) and I left for the weekend.  It was fine when we got home on Monday morning so give yourself a good 2-3 days of not living in the house.  Also, all furniture must be off of the floors for 1 week and it’s important to wear socks only when walking around.

photo 4

Floor Protection:  We used BONA Polyurethane in Satin to protect the floors.  Brian applied this product and was incredibly pleased.  In fact, he must have said a handful of times how much he loved the BONA poly.


Here are the finished floors!

(On the left: A portion of the entry way.  Top right: Dining Room.  Bottom Right: Part of the kitchen.)

photo 3The parlor.  Living Room.  Library… Whatever you want to call it; we keep calling it something different!

photo 5

Entry-way looking at the front door.  The right side opening is to the family room.  We chose to put carpet in that room to add comfort and warmth.  It was a great decision; especially being that we live in Pittsburgh where it’s coooooold 1/4 of the year!

photo 3


Before and After

davis entryway before after

photo 4

I’ll save the rest for the ‘after’ photos (happening at the end of the week)!  Stay Tuned; you’re following along on Facebook right?  Hope so!



Bri (hubby), Simply put: You amaze me.  Your hard work and dedication to this project is so appreciated.  Our farmhouse floors look beautiful and you did an incredible job!  Thank You… xxx


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  1. Kristan Marchewka says:

    Thanks for all the info! I’ll pass it along to my friend.

  2. Tiffany Whaley says:

    Did you try Weimar floor polish? Its awesome eco friendly. Our floors were dull and dry. Now they look like they were refinished.


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