The Boys Ikea Playroom

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When I first toured our farmhouse, I can remember walking the 2nd floor back hallway that led to 2.5 rooms and 1 bathroom and I had visions of what it could be.  I immediately knew this space would be a playroom for our 3 boys.

  • I pictured toys lining the shelves in the closet.
  • I envisioned baskets full of train tracks, bouncy balls, cars and legos.
  • I thought about organizing all of our Art supplies and keeping them in one area.
  • I could see all of our board games stacked on shelves.
  • I also wanted to take down the old light fixture and replace it with something fun!

Then I turned to Brian and asked him if we could knock down a few walls to make my thoughts come to life ; )

When I thought more about this space, I also wanted the room

  • to be pleasing to an adult eye (since knocking down walls would mean that it would be one large open room with no doors)
  • to be a place where I could go to kick back in a cool and comfy chair and read a book or surf the web on my lap-top.
  • to have a television in the room too for the times when a sporting event and a reality show just so happen to be aired at the same time… it happens, right? ; )


After the plan was in place, we…

Ripped the wall-paper off of the walls (Tip: Buy DIF Gel and lots of scraper blades!), knocked down a few walls, 1 closet and 2 doors.

 toy room demo

We then…

  1. 1. Patched the cracks and holes
  2. 2. Cleaned (the good ole’ fashion way because the estimate I received was $1,700 for a post reno clean), painted the ceilings, walls and trim, (Color info below) installed carpet (from Home Depot) on the floors
  3. 3. Shopped Ikea’s website and created my ‘Shopping List‘ for the furniture and decor to complete this space!

toyroom 123

ikea logo

Creating a shopping list on was so easy and fun!  Look again at the shopping list.  Can you see all of the green squares after the items?  That showed me that my products were in stock!  I picked up my goods and got right to work building, decorating and hanging everything in this space!

*drum roll*

* Welcome to our 2nd Floor Playroom / Lounge *


back hallway:toyroom beforeafter

Wall Color: Kilim Beige Sherwin Williams Trim Color: Custom matched to a piece of painted wood that I had.

What used to be this…


Is now this…


Accent Wall Color (on left and straight ahead): Repose Gray Sherwin Williams

* They say that when looking at a before and after photo, find one thing that’s the same to identify that it’s the same space.  In these photos, use the WINDOW.*


jswqP3S4rqcNLiL0unnNvsPMljmRzk0e07rZ7TxW9hPEFwUXAApevssidVIhuM78bQ=w1071-h487(‘Before’ Photo Credit‘After’ Photo Credit)


* Use the light and the window to identify the space.

CzZjQBEwL2mDie-sQXUImlzH9EhT-pZKhOION2-Ov6to6MoKQ2AlbB63ZmqeYYeZkQ=w1071-h487(‘Before’ Photo Credit‘After’ Photo Credit)

 toyroom closet beforeafter

(‘Before’ Photo Credit ‘After’ Photo Credit)

Toy Room Details

art closet

Wooden Letters: Michaels Craft Store, Green Spray Paint: Home Depot, Easel: Pottery Barn Kids, Cart, Rug and Baskets: Ikea (details below)

What used to be this…


Is now this…

back wall toyroom

toyroom again

The little details with purchase links


Barometer Floor/Reading Lamp  and Ekenas Chair

art cart

I love this little cart that holds coloring books, ‘learn to draw’ books, paint and crayons; the color is awesome and I love that it’s on wheels to take around the house with us too!

Virring Rug, Raskog Kitchen Cart

art shelf

We’ve really been enjoying our picture ledge to display all of our creations and work from school!

Ribba Picture Ledge


These hooks are a favorite!  We are currently hanging art smocks on them but they are also used for construction hats and binoculars too!

smock hooks

Bastis Hook


This ‘sun’ light was exactly what I was looking for!  Something bright, fun and a statement piece for our ceiling!

Smila Sol Ceiling Lamp


Knodd Bin with Lid – Chalkboard Label: Pottery Barn Kids

Other Ikea Goodies:

Hemnes Wall/bridging Shelf

Hemnes Bookcase

Hemnes TV Unit

Kvarnvik Box with Lid

Byholma Basket – In Art closet and above the television in the wall bridging shelf


Thanks for looking at our transformed playroom / lounge space!  We are enjoying watching movies, playing games, building tracks and playing with all of our toys here!  Mostly, the big boys are loving their ART closet!  Their favorite thing to do is take flash-lights in and close the door while playing/drawing/putting stickers all over each other – Let the memory making BEGIN!

Maybe some of my finds have inspired you to do a little updating in your playroom/lounge!  Head to IKEA to do some shopping for your space!

ikea logo

I feel honored that we were given the opportunity to work with IKEA Pittsburgh on the boys toy-room/2nd floor lounge!  BIG thanks for sponsoring this post.


(BEFORE PHOTOS credit here – AFTER PHOTOS credit here)


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  1. Danielle says:

    So amazingly beautiful! Nice job. :-). It looks so fun and cozy now.

  2. Lynn Badamo says:

    This looks awesome and brings pride to dad and I! You all have worked so hard! Thanks to IKEA for the generous and awesome products they gave to you! I can attest to all these before and after pics and the boys LOVE it! This turned out just beautiful! BTW….I love playing with the boys up there too!

  3. Nancherrow says:

    The new playroom looks lovely! What a fun and pretty space for your little ones to spend time in. Well done!


  4. Amber says:

    Wow, you met all your goals in this room! Everything looks great!

  5. JIll Baer says:

    Angelique, Have you considered entering your house renovation in the Pittsburgh Magazine contest. I am assuming they still have it. Check it out on their website and see. Also some of the other mags like Better Homes and Garden have remodeling contests. Usually cash prizes or merchandise. Worth checking out. You guys are doing a great job.

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Jill! I haven’t looked into any of those contests but I will definitely do it now that you mentioned it! I’d take a cash prize any day of the week 😉 haha Thank You for your compliments!!! xo

  6. jennifer tan says:

    you have such a knack for turning a “vision” into a reality- I wonder if you know what a rare gift that is??! You are truly a force to be reckoned with. the space looks beautiful (of course!)

    • Angelique says:

      WOW! THANK YOU Jen!!! That means a lot! It definitely felt good to see all of our hard work come together the way that it did! :)

  7. christy t. says:

    Hello! We like your design. What color is your Ekenas chair? In the picture it is hard to tell if it is grey or light brown. Thanks!

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