Farmhouse Entryway and Hall

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As soon as Brian and I walked into our Farmhouse and walked around the first floor, we knew that we wanted to open the floor-plan as best and as much as we could.  First, there was an entry room a wall and two door openings to the right and left, then there were two hallways and two stair-cases with lots and lots of doors and low ceilings.

Hours after closing on our home, the walls started coming down!  I can remember picking up Rocco at his bus-stop, then Roman at pre-school (all within 5 minutes) and by the time I got back to the house to show the boys, Brian already had the entry wall down.  I was shocked.  I was gone for all but 30 minutes!

After opening walls and knocking down other walls, we accomplished what we set out to do!  When I look at these photos that Roseanne took (just yesterday!), I’m overwhelmed with emotion.  I simply cannot express to you how impressed I am with my Bri.  His hard work and skill just amaze me.  While this project was one of the most challenging experiences we’ve had as husband and wife, I know it paid off.

And now, we get to enjoy our home and make lasting memories in it!

Welcome to our Farmhouse!


Renovations Included:  

  • Removing the wall straight ahead
  • Removing wall paper
  • Patching cracks
  • Open the doorway to the right (living room/parlour)
  • Paint (Sherwin Williams: Kilim Beige)
  • Install new floors (You can read more about how we finished the floors and the products we used here!)
  • Install light fixture (this light used to be in the dining room and we refinished it and hung it in the entrance)



Let’s take a closer look!






Entryway Looking at the Front Door


Let’s take a closer look!





Entry Table Decor


Next, let’s move to the second hallway and rear stair-case on the first floor which leads to the boys toy-room.

Renovations Included:

  • Wall-paper removal
  • Patch cracks and holes
  • Remove railings
  • Paint
  • Install Carpet
  • Install light fixture

Back Stair case side by side.jpg

Let’s take a closer look!





Now we’ll move onto the hallway with Exposed Brick (which is what you would look at when you come to the bottom of the steps shown above)

Renovations Included:

  • Remove Wall-paper
  • Raise ceiling
  • Remove all doors and door-ways
  • Expose brick (Paint Color: Sherwin Williams, Repose Grey)
  • Install Recessed Lighting
  • Open far wall straight ahead to the family room
  • Install new floors
  • Paint
  • Install a basement door
  • Craft and install new trim/base-boards (Read about How Brian made our own baseboards here!)

This photo is taken from the kitchen looking into the hallway on our first-floor.


Here’s a closer look!





The surrounding rooms of the entry-way and two first-floor hallways are the dining room, living room, family room and powder room.  These hallways also lead into the kitchen which is the biggest transformation of the entire project!

If you scroll back to the first couple of photos, you can see a little peek into the kitchen!  I cannot WAIT to show you the transformation!

You can follow along our farmhouse renovation here and if you have a minute, leave some love below for #1-my hard-working handy hubby and #2- Roseanne, who took such beautiful ‘After’ Photos!


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  1. Roseanne says:

    Simply an AMAZING transformation!!!!!!! You can FEEL the love that went into this project and the ‘energy’ in this house is great!!! Great job Angelique & Brian!

  2. Amy Wolff says:

    Love that mirror in the entry.. is that from Willow House too?
    Also, where do you find all of those circle things that are on stands? Almost look like a plate?

    Looks great!!!! good job :-)

  3. Amy Wolff says:

    Thanks!!!! I love those medallions!!!! :)

  4. First – loved loved getting to meet you this past weekend! Such a fun time! Your renovation is incredible – the house is stunning! The kitchen is definitely my favorite! However do you know the finish of the wood floors in your hallway? Love the classic finish!

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