Farmhouse Dining Room

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I love dining rooms.  Maybe it’s the table-scapes.  Or no; it’s the chandeliers.  Yes, definitely the chandeliers.  Or maybe it’s just that I love a room that is put together and that mostly stays put together because it’s not used on a daily basis. That is why I love dining rooms.

Since we moved into our farmhouse not quite 2 months ago, I believe I’ve changed my dining room table-scape somewhere between 5-7 times.  It’s a little hobby of mine, you could say.  I’ve been known to put the boys to bed then tip-toe my PiggyToes down the steps and change the table decor.  It’s what I do when I have too much to do and don’t know what direction to go in.  I set and decorate the table.

Come in!  Welcome to our Dining Room!

This was our dining room when we purchased our home.

The ‘Before’…



Renovation List

  • Removal of two layers of wall-paper (It took a lot of ‘DIF’ Gel)
  • Open the entrance doorway (which was 4 layers of brick)
  • Install new hardwood floors (9″ heart pine from Lumber Liquidators)
  • Craft and install new trim and baseboards (Check out the ‘how-to’ post here)
  • Remove asbestos in fireplace
  • Paint (Sherwin Williams: Repose Grey)
  • Install chandelier! (my fav! part)

The Renovation

Roman got his hands in this room first and started tearing down the wall-paper!



Opening the entrance to the dining room.


Adding needed support for the entrance.



New entrance with Brian’s hand-crafted trim.


New plaster on ceilings and walls such as this wall above the fire-place.  The mud is in the drying stage.


Painted ceiling after plaster work.


After painting the walls and laying new hardwood floors, here, Brian is sanding them to get ready to stain.


Stain, in drying stage.


After Brian and his dad stained the floors, the quarter round was installed and Brian and I painted it, then we MOVED IN!!!  Time to set up home…



Let’s look at the Side by Side shots!diningroomsidebyside.jpg






And if you are anything like me, here are the details that us detail oriented ladies love ; )









Where you can find the items in these photos:


Thank You for visiting our dining room space!  Please ‘PIN’ any photo to your Pinterest Boards and come back soon because I have more table-scape ideas up my sleeve! ; )


Thank You, Roseanne Martin Photography for capturing all of my hubby’s hard handy work in this space and for making my decor look even better through your lens’!  Thank You to P. Theis for the ‘Before’ Photos; I am grateful to have them for this project!

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  1. Really beautiful, Angelique! I’m swooning!!!

  2. Val says:

    I love your blog, your ideas, your farmhouse, and especially your DR!! Its beautiful! I really love the DR paint. I know you said Repose Gray, but in the pictures it looks like you used 2 colors? One color for the fireplace wall that looks darker and a lighter color for the other walls. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d love to know! Thanks!

  3. katrina says:

    Gasp! I was googling a pottery barn capiz light to put in my bathroom and your site came up.. OMG!! LOVEEEEEE drooling on EVERYTHING.. you have such an Amazing eye!!

    I’m in Chicago and currently live in a 1899 Victorian … I was hoping you would share the Trim color that you have throughout . or if it’s different colors.. The Dining room.
    Thanks for responding.

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