Farmhouse Kitchen

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The Kitchen.



I mean, what is there really to say besides, this is my home.  My domain.  It’s who I am.  It’s the room in our house where I spend most of my time (at home) in.  From preparing, cooking and cleaning up meals for my family of 5, to daily homework time, family conversations and other gatherings; this is the room of our home.

In regards to our #60dayfarmhouse project, it’s also the room that I spent the most time thinking through.  Taking into account our desires + 5 windows, 2 wall openings, 1 door, a supporting beam that had to be and, and, and, and… this layout/design worked best!

I worked with a handful of kitchen designers before making the decision to go with ‘Kat’s Design’.  Not only did her credentials impress me but she was great to work with and is so talented.  She did an amazing job bringing our kitchen goals and dreams to life with her plans! (Contact me if you want her info)

The kitchen was the biggest transformation of our whole project.

What started as two rooms with laminate flooring, aged cabinets, no lighting and small doorways turned into a bright, crisp, clean kitchen.  I’m beyond amazed how this room turned out; definitely my favorite space in our entire home.

Grab a cup of coffee; Welcome!

Our #60dayFarmhouse Kitchen Renovation


This was our kitchen when we purchased our home.  The photo on the left shows the ‘butler’s pantry’ (on the left) and the other room (on the right) was the kitchen.  There were 3 doorways + 1 back door in the original kitchen, lots of bulk-heads, laminate flooring and old cabinets and counter-tops.

Thank You Peter Theis for taking ‘Before’ Photos for us!




  • Opened the brick wall between the staircase and kitchen
  • Removed the wall in the middle of the two rooms
  • Removed the bump-outs
  • Ran new electrical
  • Moved the gas line
  • Installed a vent that went down to the basement and to the outside
  • Moved/added water line
  • Installed new ceilings, walls, floors, cabinets, counter-tops, lighting, speaker/stereo system, etc…

We also needed a beam where the wall once was since it was a main support for the second floor. Brian crafted a beam and stained it to match the floors.  It was a huge project and I’m probably forgetting a lot too.  


Cabinet Demo


Wall Demorenovation1.jpg


Floor and Baseboard Demo.  Opening of doorways, exposing the brick wall and opening the brick wall to expand entrance to kitchen.renovation3.jpg renovation2.jpg

Expanding entrance to kitchen so that when walking down the steps, you would enter right into the kitchen.

Pizza Night after Drywall Day!


Thank You Roseanne Martin Photography for taking such amazing ‘After’ Photos!






Let’s Start at the Entrance and put some photos side by side!

*Remember, when looking at Before/After photos, find one thing that’s the same in each photo to identify that it’s the same space.*

(click to enlarge)







Photographed by Roseanne Martin Photography
















Kitchen Cabinets: Kraftmaid

Knobs & Handles: Home Depot

Kitchen Countertops: Troy Granite

All Lighting: Anthropologie

Cooktop and Double Oven: Bertazzoni

Refrigerator/Freezer: Whirlpool Sidekick

Farmhouse Sink: Alfi Fireclay

Faucet: Kingston ordered from Home Depot

Smoke Alarms: Nest and Guardian

Fruit Holder, Candy Holder and Cookbook Holder: Willow House

Rug under Table: Pottery Barn

Rug in front of Sink: TJ Maxx

Bar Stools: TJ Maxx

Towels hung on Dishwasher and Oven Bars: Williams Sonoma

Wooden Milestone Measure Stick: Pottery Barn Kids

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Mindful Grey (Vicki Brown Interior Solutions)



Thank You

Love, I will never know how to thank you for putting this dream kitchen together for me.  Everything I do in this room, every day, is a reminder to me that it was done by you.  I am in awe of you.

To everyone who had their hands in making our kitchen happen, From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  For your design, your hard work, your time, your blood, sweat and cheers… I am grateful for you.

Thank You to Peter Theis for taking so many ‘Before’ photos for us to have.  I am so happy that we have our home documented as it was before our work.

Thank You to Roseanne Martin Photography for capturing such beautiful ‘After’ Photos.  You continue to impress me each time we work together and I’m in awe of your talent and creativity!

Thank You Jesus for the strength, guidance, patience, funds, grace, love and so much more.  This project would never have been accomplished without you.

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  1. Abby Bilinsky says:

    I love your beautiful kitchen! I’ve enjoyed following the reveals of each room. I’m also a mother of three sons and love to cook and enjoy seeing the spaces for the entire family. I wanted to ask what paint color did you use for the kitchen walls? Thank you for sharing and giving me a tour of your wonderful home!

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Abby! Thank You so much for the love 😉 We used two different grey tones from Sherwin Williams; Repose Gray and Mindful Gray!

    • Angelique says:

      Hi! THANK YOU! :) I used two shades of Gray from Sherwin Williams. Repose Gray and Mindful Gray! The darker gray is on the wall with the cooktop and the lighter is everywhere else :) THANKS FOR WRITING!

  2. Kelly Presutti says:

    Ang!! It looks absolutely GORGEOUS! Like I said Lisa Vanderpump style!!!! You guys did a great job with it! I can’t wait to see it in person!!!! XOXO!!!!

  3. Danielle says:

    Your kitchen looks amazing. I was just wondering about the countertops. I noticed they don’t look quite like the river shoal sample you had. Are they the same or did you go with something else? I’m asking because I ordered the same stuff today and was hoping to see what they would look like installed.

    • Angelique says:

      Hi! This is not River Shoal… I went with something different from TROY GRANITE (can’t remember the name). We have Quartz and I think this color looks so much better with our cabinets than the all white Rivershoal did. However, that’s such an amazing color that I considered putting it in the powder room!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Absolutely stunning! It’s so open, fresh and bright! I would looove to work in this kitchen every day! :) It would make cleaning it 3 times a day a little more enjoyable 😉 I can’t wait to see the rest of your home. You’re doing a fabulous job!

  5. Abby Bilinsky says:

    Hi Angelique,
    Do you know where in the kitchen you used Mindful and where you used Repose Gray? I’m trying to decide if Mindful is too dark/Repose too light for my space and thought your pictures could help me. I appreciate your help! Tomorrow my bananas should be just right to make the PB, Banana and Oat bars for the first time. Can’t wait to try them!

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Abby! Repose Gray is on the wall with the ovens, cooktop, cabinets… the other 3 walls have Mindful on it. Mindful is lighter but honestly, neither of them are really ‘dark’. You should definitely test it out in YOUR space because lighting makes a HUGE difference (as I’m sure you know). So much so that I wanted a cream color in our family room and all I see when I look at it is a hue of pink. It wasn’t chosen by looking at the color inside of our house and now that we’re living here and looking at it in the light, it’s just not what I was hoping for. Let me know what you end up going with!

      • Jenni Dorritie says:

        Hi Angelique! I know this post is a couple years old, but I recently came across it when researching repose gray. Just wondering if it was your repose gray that went pink on you or another color? After WEEKS of deliberation and 18 samples of different shades of gray, I finally chose mindful gray in the kitchen and repose for the living room/entryway/hallways…LOVE the mindful, but all I see with the repose is a light pink ☹️. Did you repaint? Change your light bulbs? Curious as to what your outcome was?

        Thank you,

        Ps…I love your decorating style!

  6. Abby Bilinsky says:

    Thanks, Angelique! I’ll let you know. My island is Dorian Gray and the perimeter cabinets are Alabaster. My eyes are going crossed looking at all of these ever so different shades of gray and white. Forget 50 shades of gray…I feel like I’ve looked at 5,000 shades of gray! There are so many pretty options, how’s a girl to decide?

  7. April Hoff says:

    This kitchen is AMAAAAAAZING! Pinning for later! Thanks for the reference list! 😉

  8. Brandietlick says:

    Hi Angelique,
    I was wondering what color you painted your cabinets? I thought I read some where that you painted them one of your shades of grey. The photo with the sink looks grey but are the rest of them grey or white? Thanks.

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Brandie! I did not paint the cabinets; they were special ordered from Kraftmaid Cabinetry! I don’t know the exact color but there weren’t too many gray options. I would contact Kraftmaid :)

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