Baskets and Bookshelves

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I’m a basket hoarder.

I have baskets in every room of our home.  Ok.  Multiple Baskets.  Some are in sight.  Some are tucked away.  I love them.  I can remember when we were packing 1046, I put together a huge moving box (+10) just for my baskets.  At first, Brian thought it was cute and funny.  But by moving day when our belongings were actually being loaded onto the trucks and dear husband kept finding random… loose… baskets?  He may have called me a few names.  Like, ‘basket hoarder.’  or ‘basket lady’.  And if you were a fly on the wall, you may have even heard him say things such as, ‘Where do these come from!?!’ or, ‘SERIOUSLY!?!’ quite frequently.

We ended up taking many loose baskets (not by choice) to our town-house but I think it helped me to feel a teeny bit at home while we were there.  Now, all of our baskets are settling in for good.  Some are for toys, others for books.  One is for remotes, another for pictures.  I might have a few for crayons and a couple more for toiletries.  Tell me I’m not alone.

I don’t know what it is but when I enter a store and see a basket isle… It’s all over.  At least one calls my name.  And I put it in my cart and suddenly I’m smiling!  And looking at everyone I pass with a look that says, ‘Yes. I know. You wish you found it too. It’s a fantastic basket, isn’t it?’  So weird.  I know.  As if they really wanted my basket.

This morning as I was in Joanne Fabrics buying my niece some art supplies and there was a basket isle right next to the canvas aisle.  I’m reporting to you to tell you that I officially know what it must be like to have an addiction.  How is that so?  Because I had to tell myself over and over again in the canvas isle,

Pick a canvas.


Don’t go down the basket isle.

You have 100+ baskets.

You don’t need the one with the lid.

You don’t need a new toy basket.

Just grab the canvas and LEAVE.

And so I bought one.

At this point, Brian just rolls his eyes and shakes his head.  If he sees it.

We all have our ‘thing’ right?

Back at the Farmhouse

I’ve been really torn about how to decorate our family room bookshelves but yesterday, I woke up feeling brave!  We don’t have a ton of books to fill the shelves but with the addition of knick-knacks, this is what I put together.

First, I color-coded our books and after a couple of hours playing around while Mario & Roman napped (I know- long day… this is a rarity), it turned out kind of cool! And I really like how it’s organized by color.


What do you think?  Be honest!

To follow along the progress, head to our Facebook Page to see more of this project and more!


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  1. Claire says:

    I love the color coding of books. We did it in our living room. Makes it easy on the eyes!

  2. Jacquie says:

    i love that you still have your clep books- lol!!!

    • Angelique says:

      You do know that Brian is going to throw them away after he reads this, right? 😉 hehehe I needed FILLER books BAD and Brian was like, ‘DO NOT PUT THOSE ON THE SHELF!’ in which I put them on the shelf and he makes fun of me for it all of the time! lol We need more books! ha!

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