Monkey Bedroom

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There was a little debate as to who we should give the ‘back room’ to and Mario won!  Though it’s the smallest bedroom of them all, it’s cozy and sweet; has an attached bath and the toy-room is right off of it as well!  I like that Mario (age 1) has this room because it is away from the big boys so they don’t hear him when/if he wakes in the middle of the night.

As for the condition of this room… eeeek!  It needed a lot of love.  The wallpaper needed to be taken down, the ceiling needed work, walls needed to be patched, closet fixed, door hardware, lighting, carpet and paint!

Come in!  Take a look at the Before and After of Mario’s Bedroom; part of our #60dayfarmhouse renovation!


mario room BEFORE

Mario Room BEFORE3

Mario Room BEFORE4

Mario Room BEFORE2

I told you it was bad!  But now…


Welcome to our baby boy’s room…

Mario's Room AFTER1.jpg

Mario's Room details.jpg

My friend Shanna made the custom ‘m is for MARIO’ canvas and I’m in L.O.V.E with it!  She did an amazing job : )  Contact her HERE if you want her to make something special for your little one(s)!

Take a look at some Before/After side by sides…

Mario's Room BA wide shot.jpg

Mario's Room Dresser BA.jpg

Mario's Room DESK.jpg

Mario's Room CRIB.jpgMario's Room Details 2.jpg

AngeliqueLorence-Nursery-May 15-17

Thank You for taking a look at all of our hard work on Mario’s Room!

I sure had fun putting together his nursery; especially being that there was a point in our rental townhouse where I can remember thinking, ‘What if we’re here longer than we expected and Mario is out of the nursery stage when we move?’

Not only was I so excited when I got to unpack and set up all of his ‘baby things’ but also that we are home now and Mario has his own room too; little one can finally get out of the pack-n-play!

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Big thanks to Peter Theis and Roseanne Martin for the Before/After Photos!

Mario's Room BA wide shot.jpg

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  1. This is sooo cute! Great job, that must have taken a lot of elbow grease.

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