Farmhouse Landscaping

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According to Better Homes and Gardens, “A good home landscape is both beautiful and functional, with plants and features working together in harmony.”

I’m excited for the harmony part.

SO, it went a little like this.

“We should really take care of the front corner of our house.” said dear husband.

“Agree.  I tried to rake out all of the leaves and weeds and sticks.  Nothing will move; it’s a mess.” I said.

“We need a machine.  Like a bobcat.  There’s roots and vines and…”

That’s when I knew he was up to something.

Imagine that.  We need a machine.  I could see his wheels turning.

Then I thought it would be ok.  That dear husband would just plow through it all and it would be smooth and perfect and we’ll plant stuff and we’ll have this project done in no time.  I could picture it.

A nice mulch bed.  A few bushes. A tree.  Flowers… We can do this.  Right?

The Picture Of Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

So off we went to the hardware store.  There’s a rental station in the back and they pretty much rent anything you could think of; even carnival games just in case you plan to throw a carnival party this Summer. (?maybe?)

The boys gave everyone a nice little jolt of energy first thing in the morning.  They were rearing to go and off to the races with their shopping carts.

bobcat rental

2 hours later, the Bobcat was on our property and dear husband was happy to get to work.

There are really no words for when the back of the Bobcat lifted off the ground. He was in his g.l.o.r.y.  And the amount of joy on his face was unlike any other type of joy I’ve seen.  Look at his face.  Can you see it?  He even wanted his picture taken.  I swear.  He smiled and all!


He kept going all around the yard.  Just going and going and going.  And digging.  And lifting.  And riding.  And before I knew it, multiple parts of our yard became muddy messes.



My heart was racing and our once green lawn was getting muddier by the minute.  Tracks were everywhere and that’s pretty much when I knew that we wouldn’t get 1/10 of the job done this weekend.

Later that evening, dear husband said, “This is the biggest mistake I’ve made on this house yet.”  I was worried.  But the next morning, I smiled at him and calmly opened my computer to log on Facebook.


Here we are, Monday morning.  He says renting a tiller next.

I’m reading about Landscaping.  Most suggest planning first.  Imagine that!  On paper.  They said you should do things like find plants for every season.  Draw up a plan.  Gather inspiration photos.  You know, all of the things we did when we did the interior renovation!

We just started digging.

So please friends.  Feel free to offer your advice below and I’ll be sure to bring you along the adventures of our PiggyToes and Tillers next!

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  1. liz says:

    What was the before picture? Make a patio! Then plant some grass… and the decorate the patio … that’s always fun!:) goodluck your house is gorgeous you will make this gorgeous too! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  2. Melissa says:

    We did the same thing with a tiller and ended up tilling 60% of our backyard in April to try to level it out. We are still *attempting* to grow grass. I swear every weekend since April, we have been seeding some part of the lawn. Finally found a grass seed that we like after trying 4 different ones from Home Depot/Lowes. Right now as I type this, I have a tree trimming company cutting down a tree that is located directly above where we (*he*) decided to plant yesterday. I feel for you!

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