September Meal Plan

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As the start of school approaches, I’ve been wracking my brain as to how I can lessen my load.  ‘What can I do now to help me then?’  One of the things I thought might help would be to create a monthly meal plan so that when 4:00pm rolls around, I’m not left scrambling through my kitchen to come up with a well rounded, healthy dinner for my family of 5.

In our family, I usually cook dinners that involve a meat, starch and veggie each night.  I always have fruit bowls too and in addition, if the kids eat well, I’ll give them a treat too such as a cookie or a piece of candy.  It’s not an every night thing and sort of just depends what’s going on in our evening schedule.

So, as I was doing other misc. projects around the farmhouse, I fully admit that I thought I was losing my mind when the ‘monthly meal plan’ thought entered my head.  That is, until I realized that this could make such a big difference in my day.  Sounds well worth it, doesn’t it?

Here it is; my September Meal Plan.  I’m not sure where I’ll hang this calendar but my initial thoughts are to put it in the boys ‘School Organization Closet’.  Because I’ll open that door each morning which will prompt me to see this and take a meat out of the freezer before I leave and will give me a heads up if I need to pick up any forgotten items at the grocery store after school drop off.


You may have noticed that I don’t have any of the weekend meals filled in.  We fly by the seat of our pants over the weekend.  We make plans with friends and family, we have weddings to go to, functions to attend, birthday parties and truth be told, we enjoy going out to eat too!  And we save those nights out for when we don’t have school the next day.  We’ll walk around the corner to the Chinese Restaurant, visit Uncle Anthony’s Pizza Shop (aPizza Badamo in Mt. Lebanon), sit outside at an All American place in town; I look forward to not cooking as much on the weekends.


I’m sure I’ll deviate from this list every once in a while depending on what’s going on.  More so, I can see myself switching the days of each meal and making a crock-pot meal on a busier day and a more labor intensive meal when we don’t have soccer/baseball practice.  Our anniversary meal?  That’s bound to change.  I can almost bet when I mention my fav salmon dish, Bri will say, ‘Or Fillet’… or we could do both!  We won’t go out until the weekend but I do like to cook something ‘extra special’ on the day of.  You watch, we’ll have back to back games that eve and end up eating left-over soup.  Whatev.

It’s important that we understand that this meal plan isn’t set in stone.  It’s just a guide.  Help.  A plan, that if we follow through with, great… And if we don’t, that’s ok too.  But it’s there if we need it and we can rest assure that whatever was planned, will also be enjoyed by our hungry family! Amen?

In my case… these little guys…


September Dates and Recipe links!

There you have it!  A true and tried great guide for you with healthy, homemade meals that include a meat, starch and veggie in every meal!  Take the plan, print it, PIN it, use all the recipes or just a few… I’m telling myself, if this idea just so happens not to help me as much as I think it will, I hope it helps another woman!  YOU!

turkey burgers 3


chicken quesadillas


Do you meal plan?  If so, how far in advance do you plan?  And how often do you deviate from your plan?

Don’t forget, I love new recipes too so please share your delicious, true and TRIED (must have tried it!) recipes with me too!  I’d love to include your favorite meals into our October Plan!


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  1. Susan says:

    I typically meal plan every Sunday. The hubs and I go over the week’s schedule (he sometimes has work events and isn’t home for dinner so I don’t cook a big meal those nights)
    I have found it really helps to plan things out. So glad I started it.

    • Angelique says:

      Hi Susan! I think it’s so sweet that you and your husband meal plan together! My husband really doesn’t care about what I cook, otherwise I’m sure I would want/need his input! However, I do always ask him when we have guests or family over for dinner :) I’m hoping that meal planning saves me a lot of time this school year!

  2. Abby says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! This is great! I remember thinking when my son finished Kindergarten in June, “this is going to be a long summer” and here we are, a blink later, back to school. When I get a chance I’ll take pics of my finished gray and white kitchen. Have a great weekend!

    • Angelique says:

      Thanks for writing Abby! I feel the same way. Also, would LOVE to see your gray & white kitchen! Wooohooo!!! Happy Labor Day :)

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