March Meal Plan

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Hello March!  Before the start of each month, I take some time to meal plan for the month ahead.  I’ve tried meal planning in many different ways over the years and this is just what works for me in this stage of our lives.  I like that I only have to plan one time and then each week, I just look at the calendar, write my grocery list based on the meals and I’m ready to cook great dinners for my family with our busy schedules!

If this is your first time looking at our monthly meal plan, you may notice that I don’t plan Sunday meals.  Sunday is usually the day we get together with our family.  And most likely, that means we’re making pasta and salad!  If we don’t get together with family, we’re either cooking an easy dinner on the fly or going out to dinner at a local restaurant!

Take a look at these delicious meals below and then follow the links to take you to each recipe!  You’ll find some great food bloggers in that list too!

march meal plan

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  1. Jen says:

    What a fabulous compilation of recipes! Can’t decide what to try first! THank you also for featuring my Southwest Salad!


  1. […] usually during times like those that I seem to stray away from the meal plan because of the boys requests.  I love to ask them what they are in the mood to eat and on Friday […]

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