How to make Beachy waves with your flat iron

photo 5

There's something about wavy hair that I just love.  It looks so natural and relaxed and it's a hairstyle that looks … View →

What are your breakouts telling you

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Did you know that our breakouts are trying to tell us something?  I've had the same two zits on my left cheek for one … View →

Life with Me


Tag; I'm it!   Reading... My Utmost for His Highest.  It's a quick daily devotional that teaches and uplifts me … View →

8 Ingredient Green Smoothie


This smoothie recipe is adapted from a Dr. Oz green smoothie recipe.  It's refreshing and delicious and left me full … View →

Creating Outdoor Spaces


One of the trickiest projects to date has been planning for and creating outdoor spaces on our property.   Done right, … View →

Spring Stitchfix


I just received a Spring 'fix' and oooooo, it's good!  I've been working with Stitch Fix stylists for a couple of … View →

Sweet Italian Sausage with Spinach and Fire-Roasted Sundried Tomatoes


It was one of those days... before I knew it, it was time for dinner but I didn't prepare anything.  I defrosted Sweet … View →

Spring Break

photo 3

I can't even explain how much our family 'needed' this trip over Spring Break!  The break from work.  From reality. … View →

Spicy Pot of Chili


Holy moly! Yow!  Whoah! *breath breath breath* This bowl of chili is amazingly delicious, full of flavor and … View →

Easter Chalkboard Ideas

Angelique March 2015-16

It was chilly outside, but that didn't stop us.  The clouds were blue and the sun was shining!  We haven't had a full … View →

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