The Kitchen Sink Macaroni Bake with Meatballs and Veggies


Long enough title?  You guys.  I really don't remember exactly how I made this but I came across the photos and … View →

Chore / Behavior Chart


This school year, we were desperately in need of some sort of Behavior/Chore chart in our home.  The beginning of the … View →

Fall Farmhouse Home Tour


My favorite time of year is here; Fall!   I look forward to visiting the many local farms, cooking comfort meals for … View →

The Biggest Misconception of our Farmhouse Renovation

It's funny.  How we look into the lives of others and create this picture of what their life is like.  Throughout our … View →

Ragged Row Pittsburgh T’s


I really can't tell you how excited I am about these new Pittsburgh T's.  Not only are they designed by two awesome … View →

Some Days…

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 8.37.46 AM

These past 5 days. The days we sent our big First Grader (Rocco) off to school. The days the littles lost their … View →

We Encourage Beauty

One of the first blogs I followed was 'IHOD', In Honor of Design.  It's written by a faith filled, beautiful, talented, … View →

Walnut Basil Pesto


When we visited Pap's garden this past weekend, one of the many things we picked was fresh basil! We filled bags upon … View →



It may have been the little red flowers planted outside of his front door that got me. Or the rickety green rocker … View →

Southwest Chicken Soup


This Summer, I was part of a Women's Bible Study called, 'The Living Room Series: RUTH'.  The book is not only filled … View →

September Meal Plan


As the start of school approaches, I've been wracking my brain as to how I can lessen my load.  'What can I do now to … View →



At this point, it's safe to say that I have my PiggyToes in one too many projects in and around the farmhouse and I have … View →

Mexican Cookies


Our friends Lisa and Kris threw a Fiesta this weekend and it was... hands down, the best Fiesta I have ever attended! … View →

Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie

This pie needs no introduction.  I don't even need to tell you fabulous words to describe it.  You just have to trust … View →

An August Day

Photo on 8-7-14 at 3.16 PM

I checked out in the back of the store.  I was getting glass cut for the broken window pane in our dining room.  I … View →

Orecchiette with Sundried Tomatoes and Sausage


I can't find the perfect words to describe this dish.  Everyone.  Everyone asked for seconds.  I'm not sure if it was … View →

#farmhousefacelift – The Porch


Confession:  I hate when my PiggyToes pick up anything from our hardwood floors.  Food crumbs.  A piece of a leaf. … View →

Summer Chill

Angelique Lorence June 30_0022

Some days, I like bright and bold colors, other days my eyes are drawn to patterns and accessories and other days, I … View →

Unplugged at the Ranch


Dear Friends, Liz's husband Matt passed away.  It happened the day we left for our weekend getaway.  He was 34 and … View →

Rosewood Shoot OUTTAKES.

When Ray Cordero of Mainline Photography sent me the out-takes of my video shoot at Rosewood Shop, I debated whether or … View →

Behind the Scenes – Rosewood Shop Promo Video

photo 2

I had the coolest opportunity yesterday as I taped a little promo video with Rosewood Shop. So here's the scoop... … View →


photo 4

I enjoyed my Brian to the fullest this weekend and I couldn't help but be so thankful for the time we were given to … View →

Summer Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables


I can't help it.  Making pasta, that is.  I have to laugh when I scroll through my 'Taste' section.  It's hard to … View →

Haven Conference – Behind the Scenes


Hey friends!  Miss you... how are you?  This past weekend, I traveled to Atlanta, GA for a blogging conference … View →

Thoughts before my trip

My head is spinning with how much I have to do before this trip so in true fashion, I shall sit with KozyShack Tapioca … View →

Fourth of July Weekend


4th of July.  What a wild weekend. Wake up time was 6:30am.  The boys lurked into our room and immediately added a … View →



My 30th birthday got off to a heck of a start.  I let the dog outside, unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, … View →

Girls Night Out


You know, sometimes a girl just wants to wear COLOR!  Amen? When I saw these scalloped shorts and bright, funky top … View →

Diaper Genie

diaper genie

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Playtex, but all my … View →

Rainy Day Attire


For some reason, every time Roseanne and I get together, it rains.  By this point of our relationship, it would just … View →