How to make Beachy waves with your flat iron

photo 5

There's something about wavy hair that I just love.  It looks so natural and relaxed and it's a hairstyle that looks … View →

What are your breakouts telling you

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.38.23 PM

Did you know that our breakouts are trying to tell us something?  I've had the same two zits on my left cheek for one … View →

Spring Stitchfix


I just received a Spring 'fix' and oooooo, it's good!  I've been working with Stitch Fix stylists for a couple of … View →

2015 Swimwear

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.39.58 PM

It's that time again... Time to start looking for a new bathing suit!  It may be early for some but many people go … View →

What’s in my Bag

It's VLOG time!  I'm so new at 'vlogging' (aka. video blog) but it's definitely fun and allows me to connect with you … View →

Sleep Less Dream More T


We launched our mug collection yesterday and I don't know about you, my coffee-loving friends... but I. am. stoked! The … View →

February Drugstore Beauty Finds

drugstore beauty finds

I recently made a trip to my local drug-store (RiteAid) and found some great products that I'm dying to share with you … View →

Rosewood Shop Valentine’s Party


I love an excuse to get out and when it involves good music, shopping and girl-friends; the night is even better!  60 … View →

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

valentines day gift guide

Valentine's Day is one one of those 'Hallmark Holidays' that I've always looked forward to because it's an excuse to go … View →

New Year New Denim


I wear jeans a lot and every year, I like to replace my basic denim with a fresh new pair.  I've been known to purchase … View →

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